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Bodies with irregularities by Natasha Sachdeva

A body with irregularities is a reality that the world wants to avoid. Women regularly face criticism and comments about their ‘body type’. They are continuously bombarded with suggestions of how their body should look like, how to achieve an idol-like ideal body. But the question still persists, does it even exist?


Natasha Sachdeva a practicing artist based in Delhi works around this theme of women existence, different challenges and perspective that surrounds her daily life. She mostly paints figures that are very bulky and heavy in nature. Her artworks depict the weight and mental baggage that a woman carries coming under the societal pressure. It celebrates the bulky and heavy women bodies that seem perfect in its originality.


“I enjoy creating skin, with its numerous layers, marks, spots, lines and the feelings hidden beneath it. My figures are mainly headless as I feel the significance of body is much more than the face”, says Natasha.

The artworks submitted for the First Take 2022 were highly appreciated by the jury of the event and was a piece of attraction at the event at Bikaner House, New Delhi too. In her appreciation note to Abir, Natasha extended her gratitude to the Abir’s team for selecting her for the Firrst Take 2022 award. “I’m very much grateful for being selected by such eminent jury and it motivates me as an artist”, says Natasha.

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