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Brighten Up Your Artwork With These MUST-HAVE Color Pens Set

A true piece of art showcases an artist’s vision. While some choose a more abstract and avant-garde technique to display it, others tend to be bound by form and lines. Whatever the case might be, an artist buries their thoughts and emotions in their masterpiece. But how do you elevate a mere sketch? Do you take a monochromatic route, or do you dabble in coloured pencils? Black and white drawings are a great way if you wish to detail your subject and play with the contrast of light and darkness. But if you desire to make your artwork more vibrant, we suggest you use a colored pen set. A color pens set comes with myriad colours which can give your painting much-needed depth, giving you ample room to play around with texture and design.

Today, we bring to you some of our favourite color pens set (tried and tested no doubt) which will definitely impart grandeur to your drawings. This list of unique colored pen set includes the best from all arenas – the color gel pens set, ball pens set, and sketch pens set.

Faber Castell Color Pens Set – Connector Felt Tip Pen Set

Faber Castell is synonymous with excellence. They boast of an array of multifaceted color pens set essential not just for sketching but journaling, illustrations, and of course coloring. There are several Faber Castell color pens set, each with its nuance. Hence, you must be extremely careful while choosing a colored pen set which suits your needs. If you were to invest in the connector felt tip pen set, you can expect felt tip pens, best for colouring. The connector caps are novel alternatives to Lego sets. You may find several hues of the same colour. What’s intriguing is the fact that these colours are vibrant and easily wash out clothes.

Courtesy – Faber-Castell

Faber Castell Color Pens Set – Pitt Artist Pen

Another Faber Castell color pens set that we have been eyeing for quite some time is the Pitt Artist Pen set. The colours are highly pigmented and have a high lightfastness (ability to resist decolouration). Despite being waterproof and permanent, they do not bleed through paper, making it best for designers and illustrators. The brush tip is flexible and retains its shape even after continuous use. 

Courtesy – Eric Scott Art Studio

Bao Core Fineliner Color Pen Set

The Bao Core Fineliner color pen set SCREAMS perfection. This fineliner color pen set is best for journaling, note-taking, and sketching. The nib of these pens is 0.38 mm which aids in drawing intricate details. However, you must use lighter strokes while colouring as they may bleed through the paper if immense pressure is applied. Although the body of the pens are similar, they may be distinguished by their pen caps. The colours are extremely bright and vibrant, although they dry a little too quickly.

Courtesy – Flipkart

Linc Executive Gel Pen 7 Colors Set

As the name suggests, the Linc Executive gel pen 7 color set comes in 7 unique colours and makes for the best gel pen sets for colouring. These super smooth pens have waterproof gel inks, which don’t smudge easily. These pens have a lubriflow ink system, hence they are frequently used by writers and authors to code their new hits. Each pen in this colorful gel pen set has a needlepoint tip, which is extremely important when detailing your drawing. The elastomeric rubber grip assists you in writing or sketching for a long time without fatigue.

Courtesy – Flipkart

Cello Butterflow Color Pen Set

The ‘Butterflow’ in the Cello Butterflow color pen set denotes the ink’s ability to flow like butter – super smooth. These colored pen sets have a 1mm tip, making writing and sketching really easy. Like the Linc Executive gel pen 7 colors set, these pens also have the lubriflow ink system and elastomeric rubber grip. 

Courtesy – Amazon

Image Courtesy – Glow Road

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