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This week, our artists play with the senses in myriad ways

Vijaya Chauhan: A special touch with an unseen script From the outset, artist Vijaya Chauhan professes to being attracted to the mystery and transformative power of Braille, with her attention primarily focused on the beauty of touch and experience of this knowledge existing in the language used by the visually challenged. Her art uses unusual...


Art that makes change: Depicting grief, struggle, rebellion, and pollution this week

Ravi Chaurasiya: Tackling contemporary planetary themes to evoke humanity Key social issues are tackled in the works of artist Ravi Chaurasiya, creating an instant sense of relatability and urgency for the observer. The artist enjoys working with varied surfaces and materials, bringing experimentation and play into his art. He has worked with varied raw materials,...


This week, our artists keep diaries, depict humble abodes, go vividly abstract, and map subtle patterns

Pallav Chander: When turmoil and clarity coalesce That art can be harnessed as therapy is a fact that is increasingly garnering international recognition, but young contemporary Indian artist Pallav Chander has already incorporated this reality into the work he churns out, using mixed media and acrylic on paper. Chander professes that he brings out his...


Delve into patterns and paradoxes, journey inwards or dance with light: That’s our Artists Of The Week

Baishakhi Mehatori: As the mind interacts with the elements There is something infinitely spiritual about the artistic renderings put forth by Baisakhi Mehatori — who professes that she has always been exploring the depths of the human mind and behaviour in her works. Using acrylic colours to accomplish cohesive, stirring canvases, this is the inspiration...


Abstracts, layers, stone and spectres — these are the themes with our Artists Of The Week

Ankita Daulatabadkar: Capturing a haunting muse Each incident we experience creates a form that leaves an impression on us, believes artist Ankita Daulatabadkar, and her art is one such manifestation that explores human behaviour and its effects. Using etching, aquatint, collography, lithography, Ankita has depicted some esoteric, symbolic and somewhat haunting themes in her artworks....