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Ancient cities, time travel, repurposing scrap and art with no subject — the artists have it all this week

Swapnesh Vaigankar: Of heritage and habitats There is a level of intricate detail and cohesion so meticulous to the expansive works created by Swapnesh Vaigankar, that they almost appears effortless — which they certainly are not. Using primarily the mediums of etching, as well as ink and acrylic on paper, the artist brings to life...


Social commentary and a therapeutic twist: Our 4 new artists of the week

Mohammad Naim: Social themes in minute detail Tiny human figurines populate the intricately simple paintings of artist Mohammad Naim, often swarming the canvas just like ants and replicating something of the societal order of those tiny beings. Society and social mores find a voice indirectly or directly in these artworks, and they interestingly often come...


3 feminist artist voices, and a watercolour whiz

Richa Aarya: A remarkable voice for women bound in regression Rustic roots in the small Haryana village of Samalkha provide identity and purpose to the creations of powerhouse young artist Richa Aarya, who gives a voice to the struggles of women in regressive environments. Her art gathers heft from lived experiences, and its impact is...


From the innocence of childhood to futuristic surveillance art

Jigna Gaudana: Innocence of childhood finds depiction Jigna Gaudana is frank that her childhood memories reflect in her pieces, speaking about emotions like loss, contemplation, anxiety, desire, and more, usually depicted in the lap (sometimes literally) of nature. However, on a deeper note, she adds that the images are also a symbolic reflection of her...


Decay, struggle, abstraction and evolution from this week’s artists

Tribhuvan Kumar: Human learnings born from nature’s wisdom Themes that dominate the soul of Tribhuvan Kumar’s artwork, executed often via the medium of etching and wood, include human subjects like the families of labourers, as well as elements of nature like flora and fauna. The representation of the human body often morphs into a part...

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