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Art and making money: The tale of the poor and suffering artist

Is an artist prone to suffer, at one time or the other? Is making art for art’s sake still a pertinent argument or has a lot less credit been given to ‘making money’ in the field of art? Santanu Borah pens his thoughts in this column for Abir Pothi One of the foremost voices in...


How #ArtWorld2021 stumbled upon the power of going virtual

In the wake of the global Pandemic the artworld discovered the power of the six-degrees-of-separation science that kept it afloat through troubled times. Georgina Maddox reports.  When the COVID 19 Pandemic hit the globe, in December 2019, we perhaps did not envision how it would impact our entire existence. Life came to a grinding halt...


Let’s decode this mysterious creature called an “Artist” 

Recounting a chance meeting with an artist in rural India, and by tracing the life of Charles Biederman, Santanu Borah discusses the assumptions that cloud the recognition of an “Artist” The romance that seems to be wedded to the idea of the long-suffering artist keeps away important knowledge about our visual and cultural life. Most...


Recounting the legend (and the pain) of being Frida Kahlo

In the international art world, one artist who is nothing short of mythical is Frida Kahlo. The anecdotes surrounding her, the mercurial relationship she had with her partner, Deigo Riviera, her incessant battle with various ailments (she caught polio at age six), her obsession to paint even when her hands didn’t permit (she painted with...


Art beyond the realm of imagination

In his weekly column, Santanu Borah reflects on art, creativity, and the worlds that arise out of, and beyond, imagination When you look deep into the soul of the known universe, into the abyss of dark matter that has no bottom or top, beyond the clutches of dimension, you will find a poem that is...

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