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A recap of FIRST TAKE 2021: Emerging artists beat all odds amid a pandemic #ArtWorld2021 #YearEnder2021

Nothing exemplifies the indomitable nature of art more than its ability to create beauty and inspire thought through every challenge thrown its way. And equally indefatigable is the artist, who forms the cusp between the art that nourishes souls and the society that experiences it wholeheartedly. Emerging as an established artist in this same society...


Taking the stage at FIRST TAKE 2021

The launch of the winners’ exhibit for ABIR FIRST TAKE for 2021 was a warm and celebratory event, which heralded the success of the fifth edition amid a guest list of supporters and friends. We take a short glimpse into the occasion The inauguration of the fifth edition of ABIR FIRST TAKE for 2021 in...


Abir India’s First Take 2021 revives young art community; emerging artists are back with a bang

Abir India received a whopping response for the fifth edition of FIRST TAKE art festival with over 2500 submissions from over 250 pin codes. Out of 122 artists, 10 winners – Shubhanker Suresh Chandere from Pune, Kinnari Jitendra Tondlekar from Thane, Sriparna Dutta from Hyderabad, Jintu Mohan Kalita from Barama, Assam, Priya Ranjan Purkait from...


First Take 2021 Jury: Sculpting a novel understanding of art with Kristine Michael

It is often said that an artist communicates best (and sometimes solely) through their art — but in the case of noted ceramic artist and art academic Kristine Michael, her erudition encompasses both her thought-provoking sculptural artworks as well as the spoken and written word. After all, besides being known as a notable ceramic artist,...


When emerging artists left our jury spellbound: First Take 2021 – A Photo Story

On October 21, our esteemed jury gathered in our Ahmedabad office to select winning entries. Creative energy filled the atmosphere and our team gained a lot from perspectives shared by our jury members. K.S. Radhakrishnan, Vasudevan Akkitham, Rm Palaniappan, Kristine Michael, and Hartmut Wurster carefully selected the top 10 works of First Take 2021. Know...