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Himmat Shah, Part 3: Deep Immersion through Clay

Continued from Part 2. According to Himmat Shah, an artist should be a very sensitive person, who could experience art at the very subtle levels and could give unmatched form to their own artworks. So that the unmatchable quality of their individuality stays in their work, and when faced with doubt, they could search for...


Himmat Shah, Part 2: The Ceramic Yogi

Continued from Part 1 “Look at people today — how they have become obsessed with their own body. How strange it seems that everyone wants to become body-less without understanding the body, dream of freedom without knowing boundation. It seems that everything is floating in thin air; the journey-nobody wants to embark on that process,...


Himmat Shah, Part 1: The poet of clay and ceramics

  There is nothing straight about Himmat Shah. From his personal life to his art, which keeps meandering into different contours in ways one can not even imagine. One can experience them though, this process of exploring the unknown within him and around and his capacity to reveal some bits. Crossing the threshold of 90...


Finding Lalu Prasad Shaw via Manmeet K Walia

By Vinay Seth I met Manmeet Kaur Walia, the curator of the exhibition ‘Masterly Manoeuvring: Lalu Prasad Shaw’, at the show’s preview on the evening of 20th July. The retrospective is being held by Gallerie Splash, based in Gurugram. Though very busy attending the guests, Manmeet was kind enough to lend me her time and...


Scaling up the canvas for public art – Krishen Khanna Part 3

Khanna’s deep commitment to the pictorial space was not to be confined by the limits of the easel. He got an opportunity to break free of this confinement. Sometime in the early 80s, the chairman of ITC showed him the blank, dome like space of about 4000 square feet on the ceiling of ITC Maurya,...


A visual record of history – Krishen Khanna Part 2

By Vandana Shukla  Khanna’s works deal with a realistic world, the goings on; the play of maya caught in its own momentum, its own web; blurred under its own momentary existence against the eternal march of time. The moments caught on canvas seem to have a rhythm about them, as though, they are flowing over...