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One cannot weave untruth in art: Veer Munshi

Artist Veer Munshi remembers his early life in Kashmir, his days of mind expansion in Baroda and his relationship with exile and the many shades of minority issues. A conversation with Santanu Borah There are enough instances in the history of the human race that shows that conflict mothers great ideas, events and art. The...


Raza@100: Artist Akhilesh talks about the many times he crossed paths with the master of colour

(Editor’s note: Abir Pothi is excited to bring you book excerpts from Raza: Jaisa Maine Dekha (Rajkamal Prakashan) by noted artist Akhilesh, where he has sketched with words his long association with Syed Haidar Raza from the author’s early days to Raza’s last. We thank Akhilesh for allowing us to translate and use excerpts for Abir readers....


Sunday Read: Art In The Times Of Adversity

The Pothi Team revisits the pandemic and tells you how art and artists have negotiated such events in the past and why the ‘new normal’ has been about finding newer solutions in experiencing and making art First of all, let’s start with an apology. Sorry, but the pandemic has to be brought up one more...


Art, the pandemic’s survival toolkit – Final Part

The pandemic and the lockdown brought about a collective consciousness that art is what truly makes life purposeful, the Abir Pothi team writes. Now that we have probably braved the worst of the pandemic, what wisdom do we really glean from it? One important but often forgotten fact is that people need time by themselves...


Art, the pandemic’s survival toolkit – Part 3

Adverse situations and troubled times informs the art of that period, and that art eventually becomes the mirror and even conscience of the time, influencing how we think about the event later. By the Pothi Team. Yesterday we told you how two Pune-based artists coped during the pandemic. What is certain is that there are...


Art, The pandemic’s survival toolkit – Part 2

In the second part of our discourse about art during the, we meet two artists who tell you what art during a lock meant to them, the Pothi team reports The thing about creativity is that it tends to happen when there is some kind of strife or tension in the world. However, it is...


Art, the pandemic’s survival toolkit

Ironically, the lockdown made people understand the value of the arts even more. The oft-cited opinion that art did not have practical value did not seem like a valid viewpoint anymore. It isn’t just the tangible that makes life bearable turned into a mantra during the lockdown.

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