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Painter who loves dripping and splashing paint

“When I begin a painting I always hope to complete it in a few strokes, starting with the first colors I daub down anywhere and anyhow, but it never works, so I add more, without realizing it. I have never wanted to paint thickly; paint tubes are much too expensive. But one way or another,...


Born on this Day: The classical sculptor Adolf von Hildebrand

OCTOBER 6, ON THIS DAY Adolf von Hildebrand is regarded as one of the first sculptors to emphasize the artistic independence of sculpture from painting. He most effectively spread this notion in his 1893 essay, “Das Problem der Form,” which helped create the theoretical framework for modern sculpture. He blended the classical traditions of ancient...


Born on this Day: Francesco Guardi’s eye of Venice

October 5, On This Day Francesco Guardi was one of the most notable Venetian landscape painters of the rococo era, who produced elegant, graceful, and magnificently decorated works of art and architecture. He was a very active painter who created vibrant, evocative, and romantic depictions of Venice in decline. Guardi is renowned for his loosely...


A painter who loves to collect paintings

OCTOBER 3, ON THIS DAY Born on this day, October 3, 1848 in Paris, Henry Lerolle was the second son of Adele-Edme Delaroche and Timothée Lerol, a bronze manufacturer, engraver and landscape painter. Henry began studying the violin at a very young age with Edouard Colón. He played this instrument with talent all his life....


Born on this day: M. F. Husain, the Bombay Progressive who reinvented the pictorial plane

Suggested: Abir Pothi’s retrospective take on the artist. By Vinay Seth “Art is always ahead of time. Tomorrow, they will understand it.” —M. F. Husain Early Moorings M. F. Husain, popularly hailed as the ‘Picasso of India’, was born on this day, 17th September, in 1915. Maqbool Fida Husain was born in Pandharpur, in Maharashtra...