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“I am interested in surprises from my art,” says Manjunath Kamath, a man of many mediums

Skilled facility with diverse media, multiple cultural references, traditional iconography, fragmented imageries, an often humorous visual vocabulary, and constantly reinvented modes of storytelling are the hallmark of noted artist and sculptor Manjunath Kamath’s works. In this Abir Pothi exclusive, he shares his journey with Gauri Gharpure Temple sculptures and paintings, churches, and Jain temples were...


Sudhir Patwardhan: Chronicles of the meticulous observer

The bustling, ever-frenetic, almost endearingly claustrophobic charm of Mumbai is not one to be taken lightly. It inspires fierce loyalty, reluctant admiration and often stunning art — as evidenced in the works of notable and (more notably so) self-taught artist Sudhir Patwardhan, who for several decades now has managed to distill this incredibly mundane yet...


While art events in many contemporary galleries are addressing problems of gender and caste, most of what I see appears to be emulating the West: Pronoy Chakraborty

The Pothi team speaks to Pronoy Chakraborty, a young curator who the place you show art in helps recontextualise the entire idea  It is said that the old must give way to the new. It isn’t to say that what the past brought before you is not important. In fact, we sit on the shoulders...

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