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While art events in many contemporary galleries are addressing problems of gender and caste, most of what I see appears to be emulating the West: Pronoy Chakraborty

The Pothi team speaks to Pronoy Chakraborty, a young curator who the place you show art in helps recontextualise the entire idea  It is said that the old must give way to the new. It isn’t to say that what the past brought before you is not important. In fact, we sit on the shoulders...


Pop goes the world and India: A talk with artist Ketna Patel

Investigating populism in today’s G-local ‘pop-culture’ – a conversation with pop artist Ketna Patel. By the Pothi team British Indian mixed-media Pop-Artist Ketna Patel is the walking embodiment of what it means to be a hybrid, kaleidoscopic Global citizen today. Born and raised in East-Africa to Gujarati parents, educated in London, before spending 25 years...


Volare, Kanto re: Meet the African who made the batiq print sing  

Think about Ghana and you see the Kanto batiq print in your mind. The Pothi team profiles Dr. Abraham Ekow Asmah, the man behind the Kanto From the early ages, great thinkers and inventors have constantly shaped our society by inventing a new product or process that solves a technical problem. It is, generally agreed...


An artist since he was 2 years old: Meet Advait Kolarkar

Seven-year-old child prodigy Advait Kolarkar has found more time during the pandemic to pursue his most beloved instinct — creating art All of seven years old in 2021, art prodigy Advait Kolarkar has already had solo shows of his pieces in India, the United States of America, and Canada at this tender age. This artist’s...


In our fast-paced life, we have forgotten the small details: Vasudevan Akkitham

Veteran artist Vasudevan Akkitham discusses with Abir Pothi the changing mores of art in the last four decades, and shares his wisdom for fledgling artists Regarded a pioneer of Indian art, 63-year-old Vasudevan Akkitham has had a bird’s-eye view and understanding of its fascinating evolution over the last four-odd decades, and believes that we stand...