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‘Architecture is contextual, art is universal,’ believes architect Vivek Gupta

‘It is oft said that after god, who created everything, it is architects who get the opportunity to create something that remains for longer than their own life’. This deep respect for architecture and its lasting legacy is a fascinating exploration with architect Vivek Gupta, who holds forth in Samvaad on contextualizing projects, the twin dichotomies of functionality and creativity, what contemporary art means to him, and more


‘A blend of art and architecture has been my fantastic journey — and I am still learning’

From sharing the belief that sustainability is in-built in the Indian DNA to narrating an anecdote of a client pushing forward the purchase of a luxury car to invest in Haku Shah artworks, or elaborating on his own innumerable learnings from stalwart artists, well-known architect Hiren Patel sits in Samwad with Abir Pothi to explain how he amalgamates art into his life and work


‘At the end of our lives we will all be stories — better make it a good one’

The experienced real estate businessman in Sameer Sinha gauges how the rapidly surging housing market could provide an incredible opportunity to innumerable young artists across India, who he also feels carry explosive potential to take on the global market. In Samvaad, Sinha further holds forth on art’s transition into the digital realm, and reveals his own distinctive way of engaging with art


‘We have to look at art as a freedom struggle’: Muzaffar Ali

All art is connected: A statement Muzaffar Ali not only believes in, but also embodies in how he leads his life, whether as a painter, director of classic cinematic oeuvres like Umrao Jaan, or the force behind Jahan-e-Khusrau. In Samvaad, he elaborates on the challenges of an artist's life, and how Indian art needs to reposition itself


I see art like mithai, it is pure joy: Canna Patel

Celebrated architect-interior designer Canna Patel in a free-wheeling chat on how she engages with art and its buyers on her projects, what advice she has for young artists, and how e-platforms are placed in a post-Covid world

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