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Documenting the End of Documenta

Jason Farago, a critic writing for The New York Times, announced the death of Documenta, Germany’s quinquennial contemporary art exhibition. Kassel, a city in Germany, is the venue for this 100-day-long gigantic exhibition. The first exhibition was held in this non-descript city in post-World War II Germany in 1955. However, the 15th edition has tarnished...


Ina Puri on Lalu Prasad Shaw: “You will be surprised”

By Vinay Seth  I had the privilege of having a heart-to-heart conversation with Ina Puri on her upcoming retrospective on the Bengal master Lalu Prasad Shaw. The show is subtitled ‘Early and Recent Works’. The ‘Early’ part largely comprises Lalu’s prints from the 70s and 80s, and the ‘Recent’ works mostly consist of works done...


7 Reasons to visit DCAW 2022

At the launch of the Delhi Contemporary Art Week 2022, our team was overwhelmed by the humdrum created by the large number of attendees comprising a mixed gathering of artists, handbag-holding culture connoisseurs and Gucci-wearing fashionistas, among others. While this gathering itself was a spectacle of sorts, we managed to take a good look at...


‘Art, Community, City’: Concerns about public art

By Abhishek Kumar and Vinay Seth On the penultimate day of the Delhi Art Week 2022, its Co organisers, along with the Culture Plus Foundation held a conversation themed, ‘Art, Community, City’ at the ballroom of Bikaner House, New Delhi. The talk took place among several panellists from different organisations with a stake in contemporary...


A deserving face for the city’s Art scene: Delhi Art Week’s core team on their “phygital” mapping

By Vinay Seth  Delhi Art Week, a unique “phygital” collaboration While happy to connect, the Delhi Art Week team began the conversation by expressing their disagreement with and disappointment over a particular point in my coverage pertaining to their effort — they stressed that the apple-to-apple comparison of the Delhi Art Week with the Delhi...


Old Guard and New Guns exhibit together for a fortnight: 40-plus exhibitions, for two Delhi Art Weeks

By Vinay Seth Back-to-back schedule: A lucky coincidence for Delhi art lovers! Anahita Taneja, Director of Shrine Empire Gallery, informed me that the Delhi Art Week and the Delhi Contemporary Art Week being back-to-back affairs this year was a lucky coincidence. “Bikaner House needed to be booked months in advance, and we had no idea...


Finding Lalu Prasad Shaw via Manmeet K Walia

By Vinay Seth I met Manmeet Kaur Walia, the curator of the exhibition ‘Masterly Manoeuvring: Lalu Prasad Shaw’, at the show’s preview on the evening of 20th July. The retrospective is being held by Gallerie Splash, based in Gurugram. Though very busy attending the guests, Manmeet was kind enough to lend me her time and...

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