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Comparing cultural disparities, FIRST TAKE 2019 winner probes ethics and identity through art in NYC

Abir FIRST TAKE 2019 winner Abhishek Tuiwala has gone places. Today, he is pursuing an MFA in Sculpture from Pratt Institution, Brooklyn. He believes the essence of humanity is all about culture, ethics and identity and this philosophy translates into his research. He says his research study’s primary objective is to investigate the effect of...


An artist brings audience into work, turns art into experience

From being called a Satanist to teaching how to drink water, the ‘shock art’ of Marina Abramovic has always elicited strong and impromptu reactions from her audience. She has always laid great importance on participative art and has, over the years, engaged her fans into exercises collectively known as the Abramovic Method. Abir Pothi brings to you the artist...


Postcard from New York: From sculptures in a garden to voyages to Europe

All the way from New York City, Kaivana writes in to tell us about the most happening art events right now  Yayoi Kusuma sculpts Cosmic Nature Get mesmerized with the vibrant, colourful, and larger-than-life sculptures, created by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, that are currently exhibited in the New York Botanical Garden. These immersive sculptures are...


Beetroot, turmeric, and a new philosophy: Some young artists did not let the pandemic disrupt their works in progress

With a healthy mix of empathy, innovation, and perseverance, artists emerged with fruitful results in their creative quest even during the lockdown, discovered Gauri Gharpure. These works are a testimony to their resilient spirit.  Once any project gains momentum, the thrill of seeing it through provides ample fuel to the creator. However, it is difficult...


The pros and cons of teaching fine arts online

How has the pandemic-induced shift to e-learning fared for the field of aesthetics in academics? Are online art lessons viable? Gauri Gharpure finds out how fine-arts instructors are imparting classes online during the pandemic and discusses the challenges they face  The pandemic made it necessary to shift from traditional classrooms and move to an e-learning...

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