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Charcoal Pencil: Ancient and Trendy Material, Easy to Use    

Charcoal is one of the oldest tools for painting. Natural charcoal sticks have been used for ages in human civilisation to draw images and many other things in their home and hamlet. Charcoal may be the material we used unknowingly and unprofessionally at an early age because readily available in any kitchen, strokes and streaks easily, and can be erased without hardship and often overlaid. Anything we can draw with charcoal, a landscape, still life, portrait or abstract.  

Why Charcoal? 

The best answer is easy to use, an available surplus in any kitchen. The charcoal pencils make an imprint of a broadly blacker stripe and are packed with soot and clay, giving the charcoal pencils their profound black shade and can be created in various grades of solid strokes. 

Creation of Charcoal

The paint we know how to make it commercially, but charcoal is the finest thing made out of naturally. There is no harm if we choose charcoal instead of any other medium. Usually, Willow and Vine trees are used to make charcoal, and warmed at high heat in an enclosed container without oxygen is the process of charcoal production. A piece of charcoal made an imprint in depth, which the artist wanted to be. 

Be Strong in Medium

Credit: junabiagioni

If you aim to be an artist and to be, then you need to be strong enough in Charcoal drawing. Only practised artists can use charcoal properly, which is visible in their pictures. You can be realistic and abstract simultaneously; it can be conveniently composite, circulated, and brushed away. People know to use charcoal from the first day of their painting class. 

It’s Ancient and Contemporary

 Why charcoal is significant because this material is age-old; there are 30,000 years old stories going on with charcoal. In Europe, charcoal is the best medium known for figurative cave drawings; these cave drawings have been found worldwide: from Europe to Australia and Southeast Asia. Charcoal has a history and story about ancient to contemporary art practices. In old times, charcoal pigment was mixed with saliva or animal fat to act as a binder, so they stuck to the cave wall. 

Dark is Value

What makes Charcoal pencils more valuable? The colour of charcoal makes them more practical; usually, charcoal is divided according to their grade. Soft charcoal is in the ‘B’ category and performs well for any purpose, and this charcoal pencil evolves ideal for furnishing rich black colour. Medium-grade charcoal, known as HB, is used for sketching and drawing and is the one most artists use. Hard-grade charcoal is known as the ‘H’ category and is used for academic purposes.  

It’s Affordable

Most art materials are expensive and not affordable for the artist’s people. But charcoal is a material accessed easily, and anyone can use it because of is very reasonable; You can purchase a pack of thirty willow charcoal sticks for less than 250 rupees. 

Powdered Charcoal

Charcoal is available in different types and various styles. Powered charcoal can be used for purposes other than the stick; it is ideal for the subtle layering of charcoal sketches if you want to make lighter or softer layers.  


There are many reasons why charcoal became famous and essential in art practice. It is easy to carry, and you only need a few tools to make charcoal usable. Carry and use quickly, and erase and change the significant feature of charcoal easily. 

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