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Dark frames representing the dark life of lower class soceity by Sayantan Chakraborty

People working for themselves and as well as working for someone else to fulfill the needs and the luxuries are the lower working class people. The lower class people work hard, but they never succeed to get themselves in the frontline, rather become a reason for other higher class people to be present in the frontline. The life of these working class people is dark even in the light of day. Their little necessities do not get fulfilled whereas they work to fulfill other’s necessities. Depicting the darker side of the life of lower working class people is what we can find in the frames presented by Sayantan Chakraborty.


Sayantan Chakraborty is an alumnus of Rabindra Bharati University. He has been a part of many exhibitions and has also received awards and appreciation for his artwork. The concept of his work has always been dominated by the people around who work hard in their daily life.


His dark frame depicts the dark life of the working class people. “I always find my frames in their lives, sometimes it is a worker at a construction site and someone in a stuffy environment under the load of clothes in an ironing shop” says Sayantan. The migrant workers are also a major source of inspiration for the dark frames created by Sayantan. His medium of work is pen and ink on paper.


His representation of the working class society in 24”/30” dark frame was awarded with the Abir’s First Take 2022 award, an award for the young and emerging artist. “The First Take award is an inspiration for me to work further more hard in this topic with some new creativity to improve my art practice”, says Sayantan Chakraborty.

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