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Deep dialogues: Samvaad flashback Part 1 #ArtWorld2021 #YearEnder2021

Bringing to you our year-end series where we rewind to some of our most-read and most-viewed stories! 

We are interested in delving deeper into the life and philosophy of eminent professionals that shapes their vision and drives them to take on one successful project after the other. In free-wheeling conversations with personalities over the course of the year, we uncovered their mantra of success and their take on art, architecture, interior design and the myriad facets of the same that bring varied professions to a fine intersection of aesthetics. Abir Pothi brings to you a rewind of all the fascinating deep dialogues we have had this year!

Vivek Gupta


“Architecture is life for me. It is a manifestation of just about everything creative. It is very oft said that after god, who created everything, it is architects who get the opportunity to create something that remains for longer than their own life. Anything we do tends to outlast us, like the buildings we make. Architecture is one of the most fulfilling professions, wherein you can create something with all emotion imbued for people of society, and that creativity will make an impact — an emotional, spatial, physical impact — on the surroundings of people. This is essentially what an architect does and what architecture is about. It is about creating memories for people,” said architect Vivek Gupta. With over 30 years of experience, Gupta, the founder and managing director of the New Delhi-based architecture and design firm Arvind Vivek and Associates (AVA), is quite the behemoth in his field. He leads sprawling projects in urban planning, architecture, and interiors, be it in the spheres of commercial, residential, retail, wellness and corporate spaces. The geographical footprint of these projects extends not only across India but also to Dubai, Turkey, Bulgaria, Kuwait, Germany, and Singapore. Read the entire interview here. 

Hiren Patel 


Hiren Patel graduated in 1989 from CEPT University of Ahmedabad. He went to Switzerland to work for a while and began working on some architecture projects upon his return to India. Soon, he was drawn to interior design. After around 15 years of practice, he also became inclined to landscape design. Currently, architecture, interior design, and landscaping are the three legs of his firm, Hiren Patel Architects. It was 27 years ago that a young Hiren Patel started practicing from Ahmedabad, Gujarat — today, he is one of India’s foremost architects, and helms his eponymous firm, Hiren Patel Architects. As the principal architect here, his work has come to be synonymous with better design, better living, innovative ideas, sustainability, beautiful landscapes and houses made full of love. And, he is an artist in his own right, with a deep and abiding connect to art, both personally and professionally. “Art is and always has been very near and dear to my heart. I believe it unlocks the professional realms I follow, from architecture to interior design and landscaping. It is right from my childhood that I have always been connected with art,” Patel said. Catch the entire interview here. 

Sameer Sinha


“For art to enter the public consciousness, the onus and responsibility on real estate developers, architects, builders and designers is huge. We have to not just bring about that change but also start with ourselves,” shared realtor Sameer Sinha. Founder and Managing Director of Savvy Group, Ahmedabad, he began his career in Chicago working on multimillion dollar infrastructure projects in the early 1990s. In 1996, he established Savvy Infrastructures in Ahmedabad along with two college classmates. Sameer also discussed his passions of sustainable design and technology.  “One thing that really transformed me over the last year, interestingly, is that I became a much calmer person, more comfortable in my skin than I used to be before. I am sure the lockdown has had this effect on practically everyone… but the whole boredom of being indoors and not being able to go out and do many things or travel has been palpable. I cannot even believe I have not stepped out of Ahmedabad since March last year! But somewhere in this process, I have learnt to deal with anxiety better. Now, I am not so anxious about anything other than the health of my family, my children. If I can deal with that, I can take on anything!” he narrated about his experiences during the pandemic in this interview.  Read more here. 

Muzaffar Ali


He is instantly recognized as the director of the 1981 film Umrao Jaan. He is also an artist, poet, and fashion designer. Born in Lucknow in 1944, he graduated in science from Aligarh Muslim University and started his career in advertising before moving to films. In 1990, he created a fashion label with his wife, Meera. Art is the quintessential link to one’s own humanity and outlook, says Ali. “Art is a very intimate way of connecting with yourself, your world and the people around you. It is a holistic experience and outlook to life. It is about being as humanly human as possible, or as artistically artistic as possible. There is no art without understanding poetry, music, or the nuances of life around you,” shared Muzaffar Ali in this conversation. Interestingly, according to Ali, the journey of experiencing art doesn’t really ever end, and remains something of a dynamic, life-long commitment. His own relationship with art, he professes, began very early, and very organically. “Artists are, to a great extent, born with art. If not born with art, it is very difficult to relate art to different stages and experiences of your life. You have to be instinctive about it. So, without wanting to be an artist, I already was one,” he says, adding, “As a child, I used to paint, sketch, draw…. In adulthood, I moved on to Calcutta and finally began to take art more seriously, holding an exhibition of my paintings in 1986.”  Read the entire article here.