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Dior, Banksy, Sarah Moon, and more in this Postcard from New York!

Our person in New York, Kaivana, takes you on a journey through the hottest art events and happenings in New York right now

Dior in dialogue


Who doesn’t love Dior… The Brooklyn Museum has opened its doors to celebrate the designer of dreams – Christian Dior, the exhibition is a must see for all fashion enthusiasts. With more than 200 couture gowns, dresses, archival photos and videos all straight from 30 Avenue Montaigne, Paris. The exhibition also features elements from its perfumes and famous scents because “perfume is the indispensable complement to the personality of women, the finishing touch on a dress”…. It’s an opportunity to be with Dior not immersed in a coffee book but to be part of the glamour. You will also find dresses of the red carpet worn by several celebrities like Grace Kelly and Jennifer Lawrence on view. But catch it before it’s gone in February 2022.

Banksy: Genius or vandal?


Come and decide for yourself if the street artist known for his controversial graphics and satirical street art is a genius or a vandal? The exhibition that has been a huge success in around 15 cities comes to 526 6th Avenue in New York. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch a glimpse of Banksy’s more than 80 genuine works all from a private collection, without having to travel to different cities of the world. Artist famous for the 2018 prank of shredding his work ‘The balloon girl’ in a live Sotheby’s auction keeps his identity anonymous. The prank is considered to be one of the greatest pranks in art history and the shredded painting was then retitled ‘Love is in the bin’. His guerrilla art technique and anonymity has made him the talk of the town and in 2014 he was awarded the Webby award for person of the year.

Sarah Moon: At the Still Point


If your fashion palette is still hungry for more then visit the Fotografiska on Park Avenue South for an inspiring dream-like show of Sarah Moon. A fashion photographer known for her “distinctive painterly, storybook-esque visual style… where the lines between reality and fantasy blur among deep color tones, melancholic moods, and abstract shapes.” The exhibition as described by Fotografiska is “an installation of 46 photographs and 6 fictional obituaries around a film: The Red Thread, based on Bluebeard, or La Barbe Bleue, a French folktale by Charles Perrault published in 1697.” It is on view till February 2022.

Sistine Chapel in New York



If visiting Vatican was on your bucket list but the pandemic wrecked all your plans then now is your chance to visit the sistine chapel in New York on 6th Avenue just a train ride away from you. Get up-close and personal with the frescos in a perspective like never before. The unique exhibition offers a closer look into the masterpiece of the ceiling. The work has been reproduced using high definition printing technique to get a feel of the brushstrokes. If you already have been to Vatican then the exhibition also gives you a chance to take pictures of the world’s most famous paintings. The exhibition is conceived by the organizers of the finest themed exhibitions such as Star Trek, Titanic, Frieda Kahlo, Michael Jackson and more.