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Dipal Sisodia’s Artistic Odyssey Into Ahmedabad’s Old City is Nostalgia and Celebration Of Life

Ahmedabad-based Dipal Sisodia’s work captures the essence of her surroundings. Nestled in the heart of the old city, Dipal draws inspiration from the close-knit neighbourhood that embodies this historic site.

Embroidery and terracotta stand as her chosen mediums of exploration, each stitch and moulding is a sincere effort to her dedication to preserving the traditional art forms that echo the soul of Ahmedabad. Through her art, Dipal intricately weaves a narrative that celebrates the resilient spirit of the people in the old city, untouched by the isolating influences of modern life.

Dipal’s creations serve as a visual ode to nostalgia, invoking a sense of longing for the simplicity and innocence of yesteryears. Her pieces often feature elements of the natural world, with squirrels, monkeys, and birds taking centre stage, portrayed through the lens of childhood perception. These creatures, rendered in a way that captures the whimsy of youthful imagination, become symbolic carriers of memories and the passage of time.

In the realm of embroidery and stitchwork, Dipal’s mastery is evident in her meticulous use of diverse materials. From repurposed clothes to an array of threads, buttons, and pearls, she transforms these everyday elements into mesmerising stories of heritage and community. The tactile nature of her work invites viewers to not only appreciate the visual aesthetics but also to connect with the textures and narratives woven into each piece.

Dipal Sisodia’s art is  living and breathing. Through her skilful hands, she not only preserves the traditions of embroidery and terracotta but also ensures that the collective memories and celebrations of her community are immortalised in the vibrant threads she so passionately manipulates.

Feature Image courtesy: Abir Space

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