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Diwali Special: Celebrate and spread colours by gifting a painting! 

Diwali is round the corner and the search for that ideal festive gift is on. Give the done-and-dusted gifting ideas a rest and open your eyes to the art world as an excellent avenue of gift-giving. Gifting art not only throws light on your personal preferences and aesthetic choices but also speaks about how well you are acquainted with the receiver’s tastes. Therefore, gifting art is a tasteful as well as an intimate statement that one can make and there is no better than festive time to make that splurge and invest in a gift that truly stands out. 


There are a few factors to keep in mind while deciding how to gift art. The theme, colour scheme, dimensions and cost need significant consideration. Since we are talking about Diwali, we must ensure that the gift retains a festive spirit and is not based on a rather glum or a morbid theme. Bright colour palettes are more than welcome and so are soothing pastels for the given occasion. That said, one of the most important considerations is having a good idea about your loved one’s interiors, available space to display the painting, and their personal taste.


It is important to make a choice keeping all possible parameters in mind to ensure that the recipient will appreciate and cherish your gift. Therefore, putting in solid homework before taking the plunge and selecting the artwork is called for. Once you have decided that it is a painting that you want to gift, be prepared to look at the recipient’s home with new eyes. Your gift selection will also vary greatly depending on whether the recipient has a modern, traditional, or minimalist decor. Bear in mind the colour of the walls as well as the placement of the furniture. Observe the aesthetic choices they have already made and try to gauge their preferences in terms of artists, themes, mediums, movements, colour palettes, dimensions, and so on. 


Most importantly, set up a realistic budget and stick to it. One can buy original art online, directly through the artist, through an art gallery, or at art fairs. Do pay attention to the return or exchange policy in case such a need should arise. Enjoy the process of selecting an artwork for your loved one this Diwali and add a dash of colour to their homes. It will certainly be a gift that will be cherished for the years to come. 

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