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Easy Ganesha Art Designs For Beginners

Transcending boundaries, fostering a spiritual connection, and inspiring a rewarding and therapeutic feeling of creativity are all capabilities of art. Due to his association with knowledge, prosperity, and good fortune, the revered deity Ganesha is a favourite subject for painters. Here are some simple Ganesha art ideas for beginners to help you start on your artistic path.

Ganesha Mandala Art

Ganesha Mandala by artist V Pugalenthi | pen-ink Drawings on Paper
Ganesha Mandala by artist V Pugalenthi Courtesy: pen-ink Drawings on Paper

Mandalas are complex geometric designs that are not only beautiful to look at but also relaxing to construct. Take a blank sheet of paper or canvas to start creating your Ganesha Mandala. Draw a basic Ganesha outline in the middle, and then encircle it with elaborate patterns, shapes, and symbols. To add vivid colours to your mandala, use coloured pencils, markers, or even digital tools. You can combine artistic expression with a feeling of inner serenity by creating Ganesha Mandala painting.

Ganesha in Mandala - Brush Pen on Paper - 50 x 55 Inch - crafttatva.com
Ganesha in Mandala Courtesy: crafttatva.com

Ganesha Doodle Art

Premium Vector | Ganesha god of the indians faith kawaii doodle flat cartoon vector illustration
Ganesha Doodle. Courtesy: cartoon vector illustration

The key to creating doodle art is to use your imagination uninhibitedly. To begin doodling, you don’t need any formal instruction or rules. Draw a simple Ganesha form to start, and then just let your pen go. To make a special, complex design, surround Ganesha with swirls, lines, curves, and patterns. Doodle art is a great method to try out various styles and find your artistic voice. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because they frequently provide stunning and unexpected outcomes.

Buy Ganesha Doodle Print. Printable Minimalist Hindu God Drawing Online in India - Etsy
Ganesha Doodle. Courtesy: Etsy

Lippan Art Ganesha

Viciniti : Surya Ganesha Lippan Art
Ganesha Lippan Art. Courtesy: Viciniti

In Lippan art, which has its roots in the Kutch region of India, mirrors and mud are combined to produce amazing relief artwork. Create a mixture of clay and tiny mirrors to make a Ganesha using Lippan art. Start by carving Ganesha’s likeness into a canvas or wooden base. After that, incorporate the mirrors into the clay to add sparkle to your creations. You can decorate your Ganesha with brilliant colours once the clay has dried. Lippan art not only enables you to make lovely Ganesha artwork but also fosters a connection with India’s rich cultural past.

Jharokha Ganesh Lippan art
Ganesh Lippan art Courtesy: Jharokha

Ganesha Zentangle Art

Ganesha Zentangle art Art Print by Zentanglist | Society6
Ganesha Zentangle Art. Art Print by Zentanglist. Courtesy: Society6

Zentangle is a type of organised doodling that emphasises recurring patterns. Draw a silhouette of Ganesha and then fill it with complex Zentangle patterns to make Ganesha Zentangle art. For this type of work, you can use pens or precise markers. The pattern repetition creates a visually stunning piece of Ganesha art in addition to being calming. For individuals wishing to improve their patience and attention to detail, Zentangle art is the perfect option.

Attend Zentangle Ganesha- Art Workshop by Iteeha in
Zentangle Ganesha Art Courtesy: Iteeha


Starting out on the path of making Ganesha art as a novice can be fun and spiritually enlightening. Whether you decide to make a Ganesha Mandala, engage in artistic doodles, delve into the realm of Lippan art, or get lost in the world of Ganesha Zentangle, each art form offers a special opportunity to communicate with the divine and express your creativity. So grab your supplies and get started on your artistic Ganesha trip right away!

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