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‘Immortal Tales, Fantastical Fables,’ Carries the Animals of Panchatantra and Mythical Arabian Folklore


March 18, 2024 - April 18, 2024    
12:00 am

Threshold Gallery is showcasing ‘Immortal Tales, Fantastical Fables,’ a solo exhibition by Debjani Bhardwaj at Threshold Art Gallery, New Delhi, from March 18 To April 18. Drawing inspiration from the animal characters of the Panchatantra and the mythical human-animal hybrids found in Arabian folklore, this exhibition brings to life creatures that possess the power of human speech and thought.

These beings partake in dark plots and vengeful acts akin to humans while also mirroring the inherent traits of their animal counterparts in nature. The exhibition portrays foxes as embodiments of slyness, deer as symbols of beauty, innocence, and vulnerability, and crocodiles as hidden dangers in seemingly peaceful environments.

Debjani successfully creates fantasy worlds that evoke her audience’s curiosity, imagination, and wonder as they look into these small windows containing three-dimensional stories. Her miniature tunnel books based on scenes from the Panchatantra tales depict stories rich with vivid imagery and moral lessons, bringing the timeless stories of the Panchatantra to life in a visually stunning and immersive format. She also brings the timeless tales of Arabian folklore to life in a visually stunning and interactive format, which serves as a window into a magical world of perspective and illusion, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of discovery and imagination.


Threshold Art Gallery, New Delhi