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Between Figuration and Abstraction: Exhibition of artworks by Seema Pandey

By Rajesh Kumar

A solo exhibition titled ‘Where the sky is pink and clouds are green’ of abstract artworks by Seema Pandey is on show at Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi. The exhibition has been organized by Gallery Sree Arts and is curated by an eminent artist Jitendra Padam Jain. The exhibition began on 11th July and will conclude on 20th July. The theme depicts nature and human behaviour.


The artworks by Seema Pandey are comprised of splashes of black and dark colours on white surface, with the use of different media and tools, and lines and dots. The theme of the paintings was born from her fascination towards duality and the presence of contradictions in nature as well as in human behavior. The paintings comprise sharp lines, clashing colours, circular strokes and varying shades. Seema Pandey says every stroke or line depicts something or the other in the paintings; the varying shades shows turbulence in one’s mind whereas the sharp lines and clashing colours create a palette conveying a sparring feeling on her canvas.


“In my figurative works I use female form as home to my soul. The motifs on the body are like elements that I use to make it mine, make it unique. Human form is probably the most significant visual form of intelligence and ego. Half awakened, we are constantly engaged in making explicit sense of the world of others around us. In my figurative works I am exploring that area of human behavior or more precisely of myself,\” says Seema Pandey.


All the 42 works displayed at the gallery are works done in 2022 and this is the artist\’s third solo show at Triveni Gallery. The semi-abstract paintings by Seema Pandey have given a shape and form to humans\’ duality and their contradiction within themselves.