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Expressions and stories of cracked walls by Yash Pal

Heritage walls have a lot of stories and feelings entrapped from history. The cracks, the patterns created on the walls are the result of some story or a feeling behind it. A feeling that cannot be shared with a person is the story behind the walls. The lines and cracks create a pattern on the walls and those patterns are not less than a piece of art. These patterns can inspire many artists and Yash Pal is one of them.


A contemporary artist from Ghaziabad, Yash Pal works around the theme of the textures of the old heritage walls. He paints down the secrets or feelings of these old walls. He gets fascinated by the old broken buildings seen during the rush and it seems as if it tries to say something. “I have always followed these cracks and patterns on the walls or other places. I still can’t stop staring at them. I really enjoy watching them and try to develop, adorn, embellish them and bring them to life in my creations”, says Yash Pal.


He adds, “The curiosity to know the depths of feelings entrapped in the walls keeps on amazing me and I successfully or unsuccessfully try to put the dimensions and shapes of these patterns in my artworks”.


Yash’s artwork on a medium of mix media on mount board grabbed the eyeballs of the audiences in the First Take 2022 event. It was a perfect depiction of the cracks and the feelings of the wall. The artwork was one among the awarded artwork. When asked about his artwork he says, “Whatever I am unable to tell verbally to people. I try to do that through my artworks”.

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