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#instaart: Humour, Love and Animals Through Illustrations

It might be called ‘The Gram’, but it’s worth a TON of exposure. Instagram has always been all about visual impact, and it’s where you find some of the finest artists in the world today, from the heavyweights to the hidden talent. Abir Pothi embarks on a series that will highlight the best of Instagram artists we manage to discover — those whose artistry you could take an ‘Insta-nt’ liking to!


There is nothing that we can write that would capture Amber Fossey’s work better than her own words. She writes in her bio what her art represents and that is, “whimsical badassery”. Her page takes you into a world of talking animals and gives them a voice that is funny and borderline philosophical.


Nathan W Pyle’s work can induce some existential dread in you. He highlights the strange things humans do and will make you question what you have always known to be ‘normal’.


Ellie Hopley has cracked the quirky code or maybe Ellie Hopley’s illustrations are the very definition of quirky. She has managed to capture the most bizarre thoughts that our brain produces and the funny lives we live.

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Curtis Wiklund’s illustrations are wholesome, to say the least, and might just reignite your faith in relationships and building a family. He captures the most mundane moments with his wife and kids in these drawings.


Caroline draws rats and pigeons in all sorts of situations (like rats getting wet in the rain, on a wanted poster and so on) amongst other things. Her work will make you laugh but also ponder.

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