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Factors of Interest for International Galleries at India Art Fair

Abhishek Dixit

The excitement among all the art lovers and patrons is noticeable as the new edition of the India Art Fair arrives on Thursday, 9th February. In the next 3 days, the art fever will be high, and we’ve had the opportunity to understand why international art galleries are here in India to exhibit. The Indian art fair has been a known entity for many years now, and with so many success stories, it is no wonder all galleries are eager to exhibit there. With its location in the capital city of our country, the India Art Fair has drawn international attention. Some galleries, such as Bruno Art Group (Singapore), came with works from emerging artists to well-known artists such as pop master Andy Warhol and Dada artist Marcel Janco. Nadav Abramowitz, one of the gallery’s representatives, spoke to us and shared the vision: “My father has been coming here for the last ten years, he fell in love with the place and the event. We have a lot of people here, different types of people, different styles. The fair has been in contact with us for the application program, and it was our aim to bring together people whose works are famous and artists who are pioneers in their field, to acknowledge and contribute to the development of art in the present day and in the last century. We as a gallery aim to not only sell artworks but also ignite questions in the minds of visitors as well as inform them about international artists and their styles. The motive here is not just for commercial purposes but to promote the cultural essence.”

Nadav Abramowitz, Bruno Art Gallery

Harry Hutchison, director of the Aicon Gallery (New York), told us that the exhibit here is just a snippet of a larger exhibit they’re doing. “We are representing artists from the Middle East, Africa, and India because of the quality of work they bring.” Harry’s vision is to make art accessible to all and create new ways to inquire about it. By presenting diverse works, International Galleries aim to redefine the current perception of art by leaving a lasting impression on the viewers and challenging their perception of art. The variety of artworks allows viewers to analytically view those works and identify the work of interest to them. These international galleries have certainly added diversity and interest to the fair.

Harry Hutchison, director of the Aicon Gallery (New York).

One of its objectives is to bridge the gap between patrons of Indian and international art. Marc Straus, a New York-based gallery director, told us that he comes from a family of collectors; after practicing medicine for many years, he got into art. “We have artists from different countries and people appreciate well-made art and handicraft here. So for example, we got an artist from Malaysia, and now she’s a big star at the Kochi Biennale.” When asked about the priorities and process for selecting works for the exhibition, Marc explained that he loves the India Art Fair crowd, as it invites the interest of serious connoisseurs of art, which allows him to view a wide variety of works. The India Art Fair is open to the public till 12 February. This is a must-experience event for art lovers looking to explore art from all parts of the world.

Marc Straus, Director of Marc Straus (New York)