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Famous Telangana Festivals Which Give New Meanings to Celebrations!

India, renowned for its rich cultural heritage and diversity, is a land of vibrant festivals and celebrations that reflect the country’s unity in diversity. These festivals, reflecting Indian tradition and spirituality, mark various occasions ranging from harvest seasons to religious observances, and are celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervour across the length and breadth of the nation. Each festival carries its unique customs, rituals, and significance, offering a kaleidoscopic glimpse into India’s multifaceted cultural tapestry. From the colourful extravaganza of Holi to the spiritual fervour of Diwali, and from the joyous revelry of Eid to the solemnity of Christmas, India’s festivals embrace all faiths and communities, fostering harmony and inclusivity amidst the multitude of celebrations.

Telangana Famous Festival

The famous festival of Telangana, a region steeped in tradition and culture, is a tapestry of celebrations that showcase the essence of its heritage. Among the most notable is Bonalu, a revered Hindu festival dedicated to the goddess Mahakali, celebrated with fervent devotion and colourful processions across the state. Bathukamma, another prominent festival, heralds the arrival of autumn with vibrant floral arrangements and lively folk songs, embodying the spirit of community and festivity. These festivals, among others, not only serve as cultural landmarks but also unite the people of Telangana in joyous celebration and reverence for their traditions. Let’s talk about some of these festivals briefly

Sadar Festival in Telangana

As part of Diwali, the Yadav community celebrates the Sadar festival in Telangana. Celebrated on the second day of Diwali by the Yadav community, it is also known as ‘Dunnapothula panduga (దున్నపోతుల పండుగ) (‘Festival of the Buffalo Cattle’ in Telugu)’ and ‘Govardhan Puja’ (in the northern belt). The myth is related to Lord Krishna holding up Mount ‘Govardhan’ to save the villagers. This Telangana state festival starts by sculpting a small mountain resembling ‘Govardhan giri.’ The base layer of cow dung represents the earth. In stark contrast, a vibrant Rangoli decoration sits atop. It is finished by making a peak out of puffed rice, ‘halwa,’ and earthen pots.

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The Sadar festival in Telangana is centred around the bull. Hence it might not come as a surprise that the best-bred buffaloes are decorated by coating them with oil, painting their body and horns with the shiniest colours. In addition, they also hang garlands around their necks, anklets (gajjalu) on their feet, and seldom, sea-shell bands with bells around their neck or foreheads. You may also witness the glory of peacock feathers on their horns.

Telangana Bonalu Festival

The Bonalu festival of Telangana is celebrated annually in the ‘Ashada Masam’ (June/July), dedicated to Goddess ‘Mahakali.’ The tradition begins from the myth of the ‘Regimental Bazaar’ and their vow fulfilment. The name of the festival comes from the words ‘Bonam,’ a contraction of ‘Bhojanam’ referring to a feast. The celebration begins at the Jagdamba temple at Golconda Fort and ripples through all Sundays of the month.

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As a mark of respect, the devotees offer ‘Thottelu’ to the goddess. These are small colourful transparent paper structures, supported by bamboo sticks, usually kept overhead while processions. During the festival, a ‘Ghatam’ (copper pot) is decorated in the form of the Mother Goddess. The Ghatam is immersed at the end of the Bonalu festival of Telangana, with a large parade and gathering. During the procession, the men dress up like ‘Potharaju’ and other characters from the tale and perform.

Dasara Festival In Telangana

Dussehra Festival In Telangana is known by many names across India – ‘Navaratri,’ ‘Dasara,’ ‘Vijayadashmi’. Legend has it that all Gods combine their powers in the form of ‘Shakti’ or ‘Durga’ who fought the demon ‘Mahishasura’ for ten days, killing him on the final i.e. the 10th day. Durga Puja is done on this day. It also coincides with Lord ‘Rama’s victory over the demon ‘Ravana.’

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On the tenth day, women and children arrange dolls, toys, flowers, and lamps aesthetically, also known as ‘bommala koluvu.’ The effigies of ‘Ravana,’ are placed in community parks and spaces and burnt during the Dussehra festival in Telangana.

Bathukamma Festival Of Telangana

The Telangana Festival Bathukamma is an annual flower festival which coincides with the nine-day festivities of Durga Puja. The seasonal flowers found during September-October are arranged in seven concentric circles reminiscent of a temple’s gopuram. These flowers are seldom dipped in colours to dye them and scent them. A pinnacle-shaped arrangement of flowers is placed atop a square bamboo or wooden plank frame, with the size of the frame tapering off. The flowers are topped with Gauramma, a turmeric-based idol representing Gowri. This small flower-covered mountain is revered as Bathukamma, the goddess.

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Sankranti – Harvest Festival Of Telangana

Sankranti is the harvest festival of Telangana. During this time, the residents draw beautiful rangolis at their house’s entrance. One of the most popular Telangana festivals, it is observed across India, is also known as ‘Uttarayana,’ ‘Makar,’ ‘Magh Bihu,’ ‘Maghi Saaji,’ ‘Maghi Sangrand,’ ‘Sakrat,’ or ‘Pongal.’ A harvest festival honouring the Sun God, it takes place when the sun moves into the Capricorn or Makara phase. The bulls stand as a harbinger of prosperity and hence decorated and paraded. Artisans make kites with meticulous design. This is the perfect day to have a kite-flying competition.

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