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First Take 2024: Eighth Edition to Spotlight Emerging Artists at Ahmedabad’s Hutheesing Visual Art Centre

The eagerly anticipated First Take 2024 is scheduled to begin on November 24th at the Hutheesing Visual Art Centre, Ahmedabad marking the eighth edition of this esteemed event. The week-long exhibition culminates on 30th Nov’24. Artists from across India are invited to participate and showcase their work. The festival not only celebrates art but also brings together art enthusiasts, senior artists, art historians, art critics, curators, and investors for engaging dialogues, discussions, and demonstrations.

The distinguished jury panel for this year’s event comprises luminaries in the art world, including Veer Munshi, Gigi Scaria, Mithu Sen, Manish Pushkale, Jagannath Panda.

Abir India’s First Take has become a significant platform for nurturing and promoting emerging artistic talent in India. The event’s expansion to different cities, the participation of diverse artists from various hinterlands, and the growing number of submissions are an example of its increasing impact. Last year’s event saw an overwhelming response, with 2800 artworks submitted from 466 distinct pin codes nationwide. From these, 93 exceptional artists were shortlisted for the art show, and 10 emerged as the winners of the prestigious First Take 2023 award.

Abir’s dedication and support, combined with the continuous inspiration and strength derived from its supporters, contribute to its continuous growth. First Take serves as a vital opportunity for artists to gain recognition, navigate the challenging art landscape, and connect with a wider audience. As Abir India looks forward to First Take 2024, it encourages art lovers and patrons to join in celebrating the winners and participants.

Participants can submit their artworks before 30 July’24 on www.abirindia.org

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