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From MBA to Art: Puja Aggarwal’s Artistic Odyssey Through Subconscious Realms

For more than twenty years, Puja Aggarwal, an artist with roots in both the corporate world and the ethereal realm of arts, has skilfully combined her passion for painting with her career in management. Aggarwal has an MBA, but her heart beats to the beat of her canvases, where she skilfully tackles themes drawn from nature and explores the mysterious depths of the subconscious. Her creative path demonstrates her dedication to using her evocative compositions to capture not only the visible but also the spirit of reality.

Thousand Wishes by Puja Aggarwal| Courtesy: Abir Space

Because to her father’s military profession, Aggarwal was up in several places, and she finds great inspiration from the years she spent growing up surrounded by the beauty of different environments. Her artwork is imbued with a nostalgic yet transcendent aspect, intertwined with recollections of flora, fauna, and shifting horizons from her childhood.

Woman , Horse & Owl by Puja Aggarwal| Courtesy: Abir Space

Under the tutelage of a master of Indian Contemporary Art, Aggarwal honed her craft, refining her ability to imbue each stroke with profound meaning and introspection. Her canvases serve as portals into the complexities of existence, where she navigates the nuanced hues and shades that define human experience.

Woman and Roses by Puja Aggarwal| Courtesy: Abir Space

Solo exhibitions in Mumbai and New Delhi have provided platforms for Aggarwal to unveil her distinctive oeuvre, characterised by its thought-provoking narratives and emotive resonance. For Aggarwal, art transcends mere representation; it is a medium through which she explores the intricacies of life’s mysteries and realities. It has evolved beyond a passion to become an integral facet of her identity and expression.

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