Going digital is the way forward: Ruby Jagrut

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Abir is the name of our art initiative for last five years. When I thought about it first time in 2016 I never thought where will it take us to. But it took Abir to over 7000 artists from mofussil India and in the process changed me by witnessing as many journeys, as many ideas, people, geographies, struggles and triumphs. It became an annual calendar event not just in Ahmedabad but for so many people nationwide. We have had amazingly helpful bunch of reputed people in art as jury, who shared my quest and helped with selecting the best of them. It turned into an annual celebration. 

Fifth year, when everything went into lockdown, we realised it will not be possible to do event in 2020. I personally experienced the virus and know so many people who endured everything it brought us to. And then we began to speak to bunch of Abir artists about how do they see pursuit of art in times of slowly moving economy and almost stuck market. 

The idea of ABIR SPACE has come from there. Whilst we will restart the FIRST TAKE series from coming year to reach out to young and new artists through our non profit ABIR INDIA, we would set up this place which makes it easier for artists to find their patrons, get a good value, not wait for their number in the long queues in good art galleries and also bypass the issues of logistics such as transport. 

Abir Space is a serious effort to bring the best of each artist, us, the patrons and in the process celebrate more art. It is also meant to expand Indian art universe by reaching out to pin codes hitherto untouched. We continue to pride ourselves by reaching out to Balasore  in Odisha, Tumkur in Karnataka, Balia in UP, Imphal, Sangrur in Punjab. We would continue to match with the energy and aspiration levels of the young artists and help their art gets best reach and patronage. 

Abir Artists are a new tribe now and we are proud to have such amazing young talents in our community through this fast forward digital process of reach, response and connect. II cannot stop thinking about the joy an art lover from South of France will experience whilst seeing work from some remote corner of India.

We are also getting the most reputed names from art to help curate works from the artists besides having conversations with them, get perspective pictures, advise and mentoring. And along with that ABIR POTHI is going to keep talking about art matters, which affect us and those of our community. 

We hope this initiative is going to touch as many lives as it will change with your support and participation. 

I welcome you all with request to keep sharing feedback to help us keep improving.