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Highly Pigmented and Smudge-Free: It’s Not Mascara, It’s The Best Permanent Marker Brands

A permanent marker pen as the name suggests is a marker pen which leaves a permanent mark on some surfaces (often paper). However, a permanent marker may not be as strong on certain surfaces such as teflon or plastic surfaces. Permanent marker ink is water-resistant since the main ingredients comprise a solvent, a colourant, a glyceride, a resin, and a pyrrolidone. You can use a permanent marker on glass, paper, stone, wood, and fabric amongst various textures. If you wish to remove permanent marker stains, you can easily do that using paint thinners, turpentine, and nail paint removers. Alternatively, they can also be washed off by high-pressure cleaning.

Best Permanent Marker Brands

If you are in the market for a permanent paint marker pen, you will be bombarded with myriad choices. Fear not, for we are here to help. Whether you are looking for permanent fabric markers, a fine tip permanent marker, or a white permanent marker pen, we’ve got you covered. Today, we present to you some of our favourite coloured permanent marker brands. 

Camlin Permanent Marker

Whether it is a white permanent marker or a brown permanent marker, you will find it with Camlin. Camlin permanent marker is a smudge-proof marker, which is fade-resistant and UV-resistant, alluding to the timelessness of your written piece or your drawing. Like other markers, it is an alcohol-based non-toxic ink, but what’s unique about it is that it is completely odourless. The permanent marker can be used on a multitude of surfaces such as ceramics, jute, metal, glass, and leather, amongst others and leave a permanent mark.

Courtesy – Kokuyo Camlin

Doms Permanent Marker

Doms permanent marker has UV-resistant ink, ensuring that your writing doesn’t fade with time. It is Xylene free and easily stains most of the surfaces it is applied on. The Japanese tips are durable and extra smooth. The markers also have a unique self hydrating system which ensures a long-lasting length.

Courtesy – ondesk

Luxor Permanent Marker

The Luxor permanent marker is a sustainable choice as its body is made out of recycled plastic. The permanent marker ink is refillable, so you need not buy the pen time and again. The ink is quick-drying and smudge-proof on a plethora of surfaces, be it paper, metal, glass, or fabric.

Courtesy – Luxor

Sharpie Permanent Marker

A Sharpie permanent marker boasts of quick-drying, fade-resistance, and waterproof ink ensuring that your artwork stands the testament of time. Sharpie is often known for its black permanent marker pen, but they do indeed have numerous colour options available. Based on your requirements, you can easily get a chisel tip, fine tip, or ultra-fine tip permanent marker. Each tip size serves a unique purpose whether it is labeling, drawing, or writing. Some of their permanent markers have a plastic lightweight body, but they also have refillable metal-bodied pens. The ink, which can be oil-based, alcohol-based, or pigment-based has passed the ACMI AP standard and, hence proven to be non-toxic on the skin. 

Courtesy – Ubuy India

Cello Permanent Marker

The Cello Permanent Marker has an assorted variety of tips and on top of them are refillable. Smaller tips allow you to draft easy permanent marker drawings. The bolder round tip is perfect for writing. It is seldom called a permanent fabric marker as it glides easily on smooth and porous surfaces. They have long Japanese tips and feature a German ink system, which contributes to the high visibility.

Courtesy – Amazon

Reynolds Permanent Marker

The Reynolds permanent marker has an alcohol-based ink assisting in smudge-free writing. It also has an ink reservoir giving you more writing hours than any other black permanent marker. The permanent marker is extremely durable, owing to the tip stopper phenomenon which ensures that the tip retains its shape and doesn’t slide back under pressure. Due to the fused neck and the airtight enclosure, the ink doesn’t seep out or evaporate, extending its shelf life.

Courtesy – Meesho

Rorito Permanent Marker

The Rotito permanent marker has a bullet tip which does not fray. It features a unique tip-stopping system, which ensures that the tip doesn’t slide back into the body. This permanent marker is Xylene and Toluene-free, which are non-toxic. Hence, you must not worry about the ink accidentally touching your skin. It too contains a large ink reservoir, extending the writing life.

Courtesy – Amazon

Faber Castell Permanent Marker

The Faber Castell permanent marker has a bullet width of 0.4mm – 1.5mm with refillable markers. This highly pigmented permanent marker is assured to stain any surface it is used on – glass, fabric, porcelain, amongst others. They come in myriad colours and will definitely make your artwork come to life.

Courtesy – Amazon

Flair Permanent Marker

The Flair permanent marker boasts UV resistance ink and non-toxic and refillable ink. They have an oil-based ink and acrylic tip. The ink has low viscosity and covers a bigger surface. Hence, it becomes an imperative accessory for office and school uses.

Courtesy – BigBasket

Image Courtesy – The Jerusalem Post

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