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How Museum Partnerships are Enriching Saudi Arabia’s Art and Culture Scene, Boosting its Creative Economy

Saudi Arabia is expanding its cultural horizons and encouraging an artistic renaissance by establishing partnerships with prestigious galleries and museums worldwide. Through these collaborations, the Kingdom aims to build a creative economy, nurture local talent, and engage in a global dialogue of art and culture. One such example is the upcoming Contemporary Art Museum in AlUla, which has signed a groundbreaking deal with the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

The Contemporary Art Museum in AlUla: A Vision of Cultural Enrichment

The Contemporary Art Museum in AlUla, designed by architect Lina Ghotmeh, is assembling a permanent collection that includes works by both Saudi and international artists. By focusing on artists from regions around the Red Sea, Arabian Sea, and Eastern Mediterranean, the museum aims to foster a sense of collective self-representation.

How museum partnerships are enriching Saudi Arabia’s art and culture scene, boosting its creative economy
Saudi Arabia’s AlUla is fast becoming a regional capital for arts and culture, hosting major events like the Performing Arts Festival. Courtesy: Arab News

Building Bridges with International Creative Institutions

The partnership between the Contemporary Art Museum in AlUla and the Centre Pompidou aims to enhance dialogue between Saudi Arabia and other nations through art and culture. The agreement will include loan exchanges between the institutions’ collections, providing training opportunities for aspiring Saudi curators.

Empowering Local Communities through Cultural Investment

The Kingdom’s cultural expansion aligns with its Vision 2030 social reform and economic diversification strategy. By investing in museums and creative initiatives, Saudi Arabia seeks to stimulate critical thinking and provide a platform for innovative dialogues. Cultural investment also supports local economies, such as AlUla’s participatory design workshops and craft school.

A Thriving Creative Economy: A Source of Economic and Physical Revitalization

Through various projects, including an annual artist’s residency program, Saudi contemporary artists are playing a crucial role in the Kingdom’s cultural scene. Initiatives like Desert X AlUla and Wadi AlFann offer a space for artistic expression against the backdrop of AlUla’s stunning landscape, showcasing works by both local and international artists.

Nora Aldabal, Arts and Creative Planning Director at the Royal Commission of AlUla. Courtesy: Arab news

Creating a Cultural Hub: AlUla’s Unique Sense of Identity

The emergence of AlUla as a domestic, regional, and global cultural hub is a result of careful planning and community engagement. The architecture of the Contemporary Art Museum and the Museum of the Incense Road harmonizes with the natural environment and heritage of AlUla, capturing the essence of this unique place.

A Flourishing Cultural Investment Landscape

AlUla is not the only region witnessing a flurry of cultural investment in Saudi Arabia. Projects like the Red Sea Museum in Jeddah and the “Black Gold” permanent exhibition in Riyadh showcase the Kingdom’s commitment to becoming a regional hub for art and the creative industries.


Saudi Arabia’s efforts to enrich its art and culture scene through museum partnerships and creative initiatives are fostering a vibrant and thriving creative economy. By embracing both local and international talent and showcasing diverse artistic expressions, the Kingdom is solidifying its unique cultural identity and contributing to a global artistic dialogue.

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