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Human Behaviour through the eyes of Riddhi Vasoya

Human behavior is the ability and capacity to respond to a internal or external stimuli throughout life. These behaviour are mostly adapted from the experiences that the individual has gone through. Humans usually pick up their behaviour from one another as they exist in a group and each individual is a major source of influence for another individual.


Riddhi Vasoya an artist from Junagarh, Gujarat works around the topic of human behavior. Indian textiles and patterns have a strong influence on her practice. Using the method of printmaking, she tries to communicate her observations about human behavior in her artwork. According to her, humans mostly operate in predictable patterns.


Naturally people prefer to coexist in group, but at some point of time every individual experience loneliness in different forms. For her it’s a part of her practice to observe people in their individualities, their way of walking, talking and the way they portray themselves in a group. “I have been observing that somewhere in generations the differences, their imposition upon each other, likes and dislikes, sometimes turns into frustration and these engagements with such advertence inspire me to work on these behavioural pattern”, says Riddhi Vasoya. Her works feature permutations of groups rendered in patterns that at times highlight individuals and sometimes portray nameless crowds.


Her depiction of individuality in etching and water colour artwork was highly appreciated by the jury members of First Take 2022 and by the art lovers too. She had been a part of Abir’s First Take in its previous editions too and this time her water colour artwork received an award at the event ceremony.

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