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Hurun India’s Successful Artists’ List: The Top Artist has Made 91 crore in 2023

The renowned Hurun Research Institute has unveiled the much-anticipated India Art List 2023, spotlighting the country’s top 50 most successful living artists. This comprehensive ranking sheds light on the artists’ achievements by evaluating the sales of their artworks through public auctions, spanning the year up to July 31, 2023. The list not only highlights the thriving Indian art scene but also pays homage to the artists who have carved a significant niche in the industry.

Anish Kapoor Reigns Supreme for the Fifth Year

Sculptor extraordinaire Anish Kapoor has yet again claimed the mantle of the most successful Indian artist alive. With a staggering turnover of ₹91 crore, the British-Indian maestro has secured the top spot for an impressive fifth consecutive year. His artistic prowess is evident in his remarkable creations, including a masterpiece valued at ₹9.27 crore, solidifying his reign as a true artistic luminary.

Leon Neal/Getty Images
Anish Kapoor. Courtesy: Getty Images

Arpita Singh’s Artistic Triumph

Trailing closely behind Kapoor is Arpita Singh, whose artistic prowess has garnered a turnover of ₹24.71 crore. Her creative expressions have resonated with collectors, and her most esteemed work commands an impressive ₹11.32 crore, cementing her reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the Indian art scene.

Mail Today/India Today Group/Getty Images
Arpita Singh. Courtesy: Getty Images

Jogen Chowdhury’s Enduring Impact

The third spot on the list is occupied by the esteemed painter Jogen Chowdhury, whose contributions to the Indian art world have amassed a turnover of ₹19.76 crores. Notably, his most prized work is valued at ₹4.40 crores, underscoring his enduring influence and artistic legacy.

Open Magazine
Jogen Choudhary. Courtesy: Open Magazine

Gulam Mohammed Sheikh’s Captivating Artistry

Vadodara’s multidimensional creative, Gulam Mohammed Sheikh, claims the fourth position with a remarkable turnover of ₹17.88 crores. His intricate blend of painting, poetry, and art critique has captured the imagination of art enthusiasts. Notably, his artwork, valued at an impressive ₹16.89 crores, takes the crown for being the most expensive within the top 10 list.

Gulam Mohammed Sheikh - Wikipedia
Gulam Mohammed Sheikh. Courtesy: Wikipedia

Krishen Khanna and Sakti Burman: Pioneers of Art

The fifth and sixth positions are secured by the venerable 98-year-old Krishen Khanna and the accomplished Sakti Burman, showcasing their enduring impact on the art world. Their contributions have garnered them respective turnovers, celebrating their lifelong dedication to artistic excellence.

Sakti Burman - Wikipedia
Sakti Burman. Courtesy: Wikipedia

Raghav Babbar: A Youthful Force

Youthful exuberance meets artistic excellence as the 26-year-old Raghav Babbar claims the seventh spot with an impressive turnover of ₹11.77 crores. His presence on the list signals a promising future for the Indian art scene, where emerging talents are leaving their indelible mark.

A Trio of Creative Minds: Baroota, Dodiya, and Gupta

The eighth, ninth, and tenth positions on the esteemed list are occupied by three unique artistic voices. Visual artist Rameshwar Baroota, contemporary painter Anju Dodiya, and Delhi-based artist Subodh Gupta round off the top 10, showcasing the diverse spectrum of artistic expressions within the Indian art landscape.


The Hurun India Art List 2023 serves as a vibrant testament to the diverse and thriving Indian art scene. From established luminaries to promising newcomers, the list reflects the dynamic nature of artistic expression in the country. As these artists continue to contribute to the cultural fabric of India and beyond, their achievements stand as an inspiration to art enthusiasts, collectors, and creative minds worldwide.

The list ranked the successful living artists by taking into account the sales of their works, sold at public auction in the year ending on July 31, 2023

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