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143 (Acryllic on Canvas) | Bhartti Verma
Bhartti Verma

While the actuality around me is congested, my painting is an imagery of a mystical landscape, its creation being a way for me to communicate with my dream reality. My monochromatically painted works meld a more current existence with memories, by symbolically infusing colored imagery only into certain objects. Often, the city is a framed contour of the object. This mystical composition also sparks a dialogue between the two facets of time.

– Bhartti Verma

Bhartti Verma was one of the six winners of the First Take award in 2017. Since then she had achieved many milestones in the upcoming years. She describes her paintings as projection of an imagery mystical landscape whose creation itself is an intensive way to commute with her dream city.

Reflection | Bhartti Verma

Bhartti had her first solo exhibition in the year 2021 titled Deserted Scrapes. The exhibition was organised by Anant art and Apprao Art gallery. With one solo show to her credit she has numerous number of group exhibition in her list. She had presented her artworks in many galleries around New Delhi. Terrain show and Transit show curated by Aditya Srinivas and Lina Vincent respectively at Bikaner House in 2021. Also been a part of 59th and 62nd national exhibition of art by Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi in 2018 and 2022 respectively.

In this year her artworks were exhibited not only in New Delhi but also in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. She was a part of recently concluded art exhibition ‘The Spaces and Places of Comfort and Catharsis’ curated by Sanjana Saha in Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai in 2022.

You can find some of Bhartti’s works on

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