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India’s First-Ever Hotel Art Fair: Embracing Culture at Taj Mahal Palace Hotel


Hotel art fairs have been gaining traction worldwide, offering a unique platform for art enthusiasts to experience a fusion of culture and creativity. Now, an exciting announcement has emerged from the opulent premises of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in New Delhi – India’s first-ever hotel art fair, ARTIX, is set to take place. For those who have marveled at such events abroad or wish to be a part of one, this is a remarkable opportunity to embrace India’s rich cultural heritage all under one roof.

Fine Art Spaces - BusinessToday - Issue Date: Oct 21, 2018
Fine Art Spaces. Courtesy: Business Today

Introducing ARTIX: A Celebration of Indian Art and Culture

ARTIX is a brand-new hotel art fair that aims to captivate visitors with a diverse array of Indian art and culture showcased within a magnificent arcade. Curated by the esteemed houses of Jahan Luxury and Arushi Arts, this pioneering event is slated to debut at the iconic Taj Palace in New Delhi from August 25th to 27th, 2023. A noteworthy aspect of this exhibition is its commitment to charitable causes, with a portion of the sales proceeds earmarked for charity. This innovative showcase will highlight textiles, tribal arts, and craftspeople – pillars of India’s vibrant artistic landscape.

Transforming Spaces: An Immersive Art Experience

ARTIX is not just an ordinary art fair; it’s a transformative experience that extends beyond the conventional boundaries of art exhibitions. The event is organized by a trio of visionaries – Payal Kapoor, Malvika Poddar, and Timsy Anand – who share a deep passion for art and its impact on society. Through strategic partnerships between hotels, artists, and regional arts organizations, ARTIX aims to foster a vibrant and integrated art community.

Fine Art Spaces - BusinessToday - Issue Date: Oct 21, 2018
Fine Art Spaces. Courtesy: Business Today

A New Generation of Art Enthusiasts

The inaugural season of ARTIX is sponsored by the inspiring trio of Malvika Poddar, Timsy Anand, and Payal Kapur. Their collective mission is to bridge the gap between artists and collectors while nurturing a new generation of art enthusiasts. Every aspect of the fair is meticulously designed to facilitate meaningful interactions and engagements within the art world.

Artistry Beyond Boundaries: Transforming Hotel Spaces

One of the most captivating aspects of ARTIX is its innovative approach to transforming hotel spaces into exclusive art preview areas. Each room on the hotel level will be artistically reimagined, serving as an art salon and gallery. The transformation will include a captivating fusion of Indian masters’ works, alongside traditional and modern art, sculptures, tapestries, and exquisite objets d’arts. This immersive approach promises to create a truly interactive art space that transcends the confines of traditional exhibitions.

As August approaches, the anticipation for India’s first-ever hotel art fair, ARTIX, continues to build. Art enthusiasts, collectors, and culture aficionados can look forward to an unparalleled experience that celebrates India’s artistic heritage and encourages a vibrant and integrated art community. With the Taj Palace Hotel poised to host this groundbreaking event, ARTIX is poised to become a cornerstone in India’s art scene, paving the way for the convergence of creativity, culture, and collaboration.

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