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Inspiration for young artists at First Take 2022

Art and color complement each other as they go together. Both have unknown understandings, which can\’t be explained but observed only. Art always attracts us and allows us to observe in a new way every time. Art explains the thought of artists at that moment. The artist himself will have a different explanation every time he observes his painting. We lack in complementing the artworks of artists. To boost the popularity of young artists and to promote the emerging artists of this nation, Abir India organizes an annual art show \”First Take\”. 

India is known for its ancient crafts and art, which have been used for centuries as a means of expressing inner feelings that words are unable to convey. With time, the language of art has changed to represent the changes that each new generation brings. The works of young artists attempting to communicate through tones, colours, and shades is on display at the exhibition First Take 2022 at Bikaner House, New Delhi.

First Take 2022 is the 6th edition of Abir India\’s annual art show. The exhibition used to be organized at Ahmedabad previously which has been shifted to Delhi this year. Along with the First Take 2022, Abir India is also celebrating the journeys of many artists associated with Abir so far in the show called Rekindled Spirits. First Take 2022 is displaying the selected works of 148 talented young Indian artists, handpicked from 1000 artworks by a jury of reputed artists in an open, transparent selection procedure, at Bikaner House, New Delhi till November 18.


Rekindled spirits is a collection of many works of earlier award winners chosen by different sets of jury members. Many notavle and praise worthy artworks got their place in the exhibition. Many established artists who were once emerging artists got their place in Rekindled spirits.


10 artists from among the 1000 artists were awarded in the event ceremony. Natasha Sachdev, Bikash Chandra Senapati, Sayantan Chakravorty, Ridhi Vasoya, Yash Pal, Sanyukta Kudtarkar, Shambhavi Singh, Sushant Rawal, Adarsh Palandi and Anshu Kumari are the 10 young artists who were awarded with the prestigious First Take 2022 award. The artworks displayed was highly appreciated by the chief guest of the innagural ceremony Rajeev Sethi. He shared a note of appreciation and encouragement with all the winners present there. Such beautiful and mesmerizing artworks by young Indian artists gives an assurance to every art lovers that the future of the art world is in safe and very efficient hands. The exhibition comprised all forms of art. Starting from mixed linocuts, acrylic, to sculptures and embroidery, the exhibition was a amalgamation of variety of talents from all over the country.  


Watercolour artwork by Natasha Sachdeva about female body is a sight to watch for. The artwork question one\’s own perception about how someone is judging person based on her body figure. Bikash Chandra Senapati\’s depiction of emotion on paper using vareity of colours and Ridhi Vasoya\’s artwork about individuality can be interpretated  in various means and was looked and analysed by most of the visitors for a longer period of time. Sculpture with a refection of European style bust with a defnite colour palette to green by Abhishek Tuiwala is a deliberate attempt to signify optimism, mindful thinking and positive responsiveness to a demanding situation. He was a winner from previous edition of Abir\’s First Take and his artwork was displayed in Rekindled Spirits. Harmeet Rattan, Keerti Pooja, Souvik Das, Anju Paliwal, Kanika Shah were other artists whose artworks was displayed at Bikaner House.


The name \”First Take\” itself explains the vision of Ruby Jagrut, the Founder of Abir India. She believes that artists have a vision but they are lacking the access to resources and to overcome that Abir foundation has lead a platform for all the upcoming and emerging artistst to shine and make a name for themselves.  

The exhibition is on display till 18th November 2022 at Bikaner House, New Delhi.



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