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#instaart: Kangra Paintings are gaining ground on Instagram

It might be called ‘The Gram’, but it’s worth a TON of exposure. Instagram has always been all about visual impact, and it’s where you find some of the finest artists in the world today, from the heavyweights to the hidden talent. Abir Pothi embarks on a series that will highlight the best of Instagram artists we manage to discover — those whose artistry you could take an ‘Insta-nt’ liking to!


Rashmi is a fan of miniature paintings and that too Kangra paintings in particular. Take a look at this painting depicting Krishna playing flute. The painting has been done using Acrylic on Canvas.


She has used Kangra painting to depict feminine charm. Moreover, her caption tells us what Kangra paintings are. She writes, \”These paintings are mostly made from natural colours extracted from certain minerals and plant sources, conch shells and were even derived by processing various stones and this what makes them unique.\”


This page is all about miniatures. Here is a featured miniature painting that is done in Kangra style. The colours are exquisite and almost soothing to look at.


This is yet another beautiful collection of Kangra paintings. Each painting, one after the other is awe inspiring.


As per the caption this painting depicts the Dashavatara. \”Dashavatara: A collection of 11 original miniature paintings in Kangra shaili using natural pigments and pure gold.\”

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