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#instaart: Kinnala art grabbing eyeballs

It might be called ‘The Gram’, but it’s worth a TON of exposure. Instagram has always been all about visual impact, and it’s where you find some of the finest artists in the world today, from the heavyweights to the hidden talent. Abir Pothi embarks on a series that will highlight the best of Instagram artists we manage to discover — those whose artistry you could take an ‘Insta-nt’ liking to!


This Kinnala art wall hanging is a made with beautiful colours with red being prominent and catching the eye. The overlap of gold is adding a charm to the painting. The border is very intricate and fine.


This Kinnala art work is titled \’Gandaberunda\’ and depicts the two headed bird in Hindu mythology. It was supposed to possess immense strength.


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This Kinnala painting depicts an elephant in an octagonal frame. The bright elephant is the central focus of the work and catches the eye immediately. Take a look!


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This painting is also done in an octagonal frame and the Ganesha is the central focus. The caption reads, \”A Kinnala artist first roughly draws the character on the wood, and then chisels to create an initial model. After this, a mixture of liquid tamarind and pebble paste is applied, and the idol is left to dry. \”


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The dolls made in traditional Kinnala art are a mesmerising sight! Take a look for yourself.


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