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#instaart: Magnificent visuals with pen and ink

It might be called ‘The Gram’, but it’s worth a TON of exposure. Instagram has always been all about visual impact, and it’s where you find some of the finest artists in the world today, from the heavyweights to the hidden talent. Abir Pothi embarks on a series that will highlight the best of Instagram artists we manage to discover — those whose artistry you could take an ‘Insta-nt’ liking to!


Sergei Zolotov is a Russian artist who uses the medium of pen and ink to create drawings. Skeletons feature very prominently in his artwork and sometimes create almost uncomfortable visuals. His drawings are very detailed.


Sarah Breen is an artist based out of Las Vegas. Her pen and ink drawings abound with faces, in all angles and forms. The eyes in all her drawings are very prominent and striking. They are the first thing that catches your attention.


Rene Steen Sorensen’s drawings are an amalgamation of tiny lines and dots. They look as if they must have taken so long to make given their intricacies!


Jake Summerour’s art is quite unique. The subjects of his art are very distinct. Take a look at this teddy bear that seems to be lying in a basement.


His drawings are focused on architecture. His works prominently feature buildings in Italy. The buildings have been drawn in extreme detail with each element brought out clearly.

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