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Ketiya Bhandecha’s Psychedelic Odyssey with Discarded Identities and Neon Dreams

The vivid kaleidoscope of Ketiya Bhandecha’s artistic path is fashioned from the strands of her life experiences and the multifaceted quality of her surroundings. The various environments that have influenced her life, education, and personal experiences are reflected in the hallucinogenic energy that pulses through her works. Every piece she creates tributes to her obsession with repurposed materials, giving them new lives beyond their former existences.

Orange eyes
Orange eyes by Ketiya Bhandecha | Courtesy: Abir Space

Bhandecha’s relationship to thoughts, feelings, and emotions is central to her artistic ethos. Her compositions generate a strong feeling of expression through a compelling blend of impressions. Her colour scheme is dominated by neon colours, which permeate every aspect of her artwork and act as symbols for the search of happiness. Her careful selection of colour demonstrates her dedication to incorporating optimism into her artwork. Time and events become tangible entities in Bhandecha’s works, serving as a canvas for the narratives that have profoundly impacted her. Each form, pattern, stroke, and line is a visual echo of personal experiences, encapsulating the ebb and flow of life’s various phases. The subconscious mind becomes the wellspring from which colours and forms are drawn, surfacing at the precise moments they are meant to be expressed.

Orange face
Orange face Ketiya Bhandecha | Courtesy: Abir Space

Bhandecha’s artistic repertoire extends across diverse mediums and themes, showcasing her versatility and curiosity. From “The Scar Project” to “Embellished,” and from animations to site-specific installations, she fearlessly explores new avenues of creative expression. Craft materials and decorative items find a prominent place in her works, emphasising her belief that everyday objects can transcend their utilitarian purpose to become art.

The artist’s innovative spirit is evident in her use of throwaway and waste materials, providing them with a rebirth and a renewed sense of identity. In her hands, discarded items shifts into the building blocks of artistic narratives, embodying resilience and renewal. In addition to being a visual extravaganza, Ketiya Bhandecha’s artistic journey celebrates metamorphosis and is a monument to the deep beauty that can be found in the things we often reject or ignore in our lives.

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