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Khoj Peers: Platform for the young and emerging artists of today

By Rajesh Kumar

The ‘Khoj Peers 2022’ residency programme concluded on 3rd July 2022 with a three day long exhibition of the works of five artists selected, at Khoj Studios, New Delhi. The five artists of the programme include Ashis Kumar Palei, Moumita Basak, Richa Arya, Vishnu Prasad and Yash Vyas, while the critic in residence this year was Sohorpem Kazingmei. This was a four week long residency which started on 6th June, 2022, and finished on 3rd July, 2022 with the concluding of the display. Peers 2022 was supported by Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation.


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The Peers programme provides an opportunity for experimentation, exchange and dialogue to the young emerging artists selected from all over India. It aims to provide young artists a forum for experimentation and interaction with the larger creative community as well as attempts to create a network of diverse artists across mediums and disciplines.


Richa Arya through her artwork ‘Now That I am Here/This My Home’ attempted to re-tell lived narratives of women in and around Khirki village navigating dualities of spaces and roles as outsiders in a city. Whereas Moumita Basak created her art work ‘Khirki: The Stitched Narratives’ with waste cloth from the surrounding area. As per her experience in the lanes of Khirki village, balconies have an association with the city and the indoor plants in the balconies are the only foliage for the women of the city. Out of her experience she created the piece that depicts women in their balconies.


The Khoj Peers residency programme had commenced in 2003 and this year Khoj had its eighteenth edition. This edition as they expected was a rewarding experience both for the visitors of the exhibition and the selected artists and critic. The display of the works of artists is a clear reflection of the talents that the country possesses and the bright future of India in the field of art. The next year will see five more emerging artists at Khoj showcasing their respective talent.

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