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Like ‘Wordle’, give ‘Artle’ a try

Free online games based on the “Wordle” concept have been multiplying in recent months. The latest has been created by the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, and aims to test the knowledge of art lovers, FMT reported.

This new take on the concept is called “Artle”, bringing an arty twist to the hit game created in October by Josh Wardle.


“Artle” presents a daily chance for players to test their knowledge of art history. Users have four attempts to guess the name of an artist, two fewer turns than in “Wordle”.

Art lovers do, however, benefit from some clues to help them try to guess the identity of the mystery painter. For starters, it has to be one of 15,952 artists featured in the National Gallery of Art’s extensive collection.

The game’s designers have also integrated a drop-down menu to prevent users from putting in the name of one of the (admittedly few) artists whose work cannot be seen at the National Gallery of Art.

Details of the artworks used as clues during the game are also provided, so that one can find out more about them.

Many people have already tested their knowledge with “Artle” – with varying degrees of success – before sharing their experience on social networks.

“Artle, wordle about art, lets you guess an artist’s name, and, wow, it’s humbling, so far, day one,” wrote one unlucky player on Twitter.

It is a view shared by BBC journalist Leisha Chi-Santorelli. “It’s much tougher than #wordle!,” she warns users of the social network.

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