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Lines of Journey by Bikash Chandra Senapati

Journey of life can never be of a straight line. It passes through many hurdles and barriers in order to reach the destination. Sometimes a person starts its journey with a destination, but somehow reaches there and when looks back to the path they had taken, it’s a mesh that they have created in their journey. Finding a straight line in the path of the journey is next to impossible.


Bikash Chandra Senapati, an artist from Odisha depicts his personal journey and experience through his artworks. He represents journey of life as a line in his artwork. Most of his artworks are characterised with a mesh and this mesh denotes the journey of a person. Every person’s journey is never a straight line, it also goes through various criss-cross paths and there by the lines create a mesh rather than a straight line. His journey from village to a city and his personal experiences are the source of inspiration for his artworks.

“I try to define the journey through a line and rather than many straight lines, I tend to create a mesh with many lines. Just like anyone else’s journey my journey is also full of barriers and difficulties, so this mesh depicts my journeys that I have made in my life”, says Bikash Chandra Senapati.


The artworks submitted to First Take 2022 have orange, red colours that evoke heat or restlessness but yet it’s been used sensitively in a intention of giving the viewer a soothing and calm feeling. “First Take 2022 award gave me the recognition and the validation that I was seeking for a long time and now I know I’m on my right journey”, says Bikash Chandra Senapati.

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