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Mayurbhanj Artist Depicts India’s Moon Mission Chandrayaan-3 Through Smoke Art

India recently carried out its highly anticipated lunar mission, Chandrayaan-3, on July 14 from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Andhra Pradesh. While the country’s ‘Bahubali’ rocket successfully placed the moon spacecraft, Chandrayaan-3, into orbit, India eagerly awaits the lander’s soft landing on the moon’s surface, scheduled for August 23.

Spanning from July 14 to August 23, Chandrayaan-3 will embark on a long journey, covering a distance of approximately 3.844 lakh km between the Earth and the Moon. Amidst this excitement and anticipation, Samarendra Behera, an artist from Mayurbhanj district, has captured India’s lunar mission through his unique smoke art, garnering praise from all quarters for his exceptional work.

Behera uploaded a video of his art on social media, which quickly went viral, with internet users highly appreciating his talent. In the video, Behera beautifully depicts the launch of Chandrayaan-3 through his smoke art. With intricate strokes and careful manipulation of smoke, he portrays the spacecraft’s journey from Earth to the Moon, showcasing his artistic prowess and creativity.

Speaking about his creation, Behera said, “I have tried to depict the launch of Chandrayaan-3 through my smoke art. It took me one hour to complete the artwork. I have displayed Chandrayaan-3’s journey from the Earth to the Moon through my art.” His dedication and attention to detail have not only captivated viewers but also highlighted the significance of India’s space missions and the country’s pursuit of scientific advancements.

The success of the Chandrayaan-3 mission will be a remarkable achievement for India, making it the fourth country in the world to achieve a soft landing and explore the moon’s surface, following the footsteps of the United States, Russia, and China. This mission is a crucial follow-up to the previous Chandrayaan-2, which unfortunately faced setbacks when the lander named Vikram crashed onto the moon’s surface in 2019.

India’s space program has come a long way since its inception. The country successfully launched its first Moon mission, Chandrayaan-1, in October 2008, utilising the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). The second mission, launched on July 22, 2019, was conducted using the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle-Mk III, now known as LVM3. These missions have showcased India’s growing prowess in space exploration and its commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery.

Through his smoke art, Behera not only celebrates India’s achievements in space exploration but also highlights the country’s rich artistic talent. His unique medium of expression has struck a chord with people worldwide, serving as a reminder of the beauty and creativity that can emerge from the marriage of science and art.

As India eagerly awaits the soft landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the moon’s surface, Behera’s smoke art serves as a visual representation of the mission’s significance. It encapsulates the dreams, aspirations, and tireless efforts of the scientists and engineers involved in the project. It symbolises India’s determination to leave an indelible mark in the annals of space exploration.

With every stroke of his brush and every wisp of smoke, Behera has crafted a masterpiece that resonates with people’s imaginations and inspires awe. His artwork is a testament to the power of artistic expression and its ability to capture the spirit of scientific pursuits.

As the countdown continues towards the much-anticipated landing of Chandrayaan-3, India stands on the precipice of another remarkable achievement in space exploration. The nation’s scientific community, artists like Samarendra Behera, and the entire population eagerly await the historic moment when India’s flag will be planted on the lunar surface, marking another giant leap in mankind’s journey to the stars.

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