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Niger: Art in the Desert, Narrating Tales

3 Aug’23, ON THIS DAY

Today is the Independence Day of Niger, an extensive and dry state on the periphery of the Sahara desert; Niger abodes austere military rule for much of its post-independence history, having had seven constitutions and two epochs of power by decree. Despite being rich in natural resources, Niger is rated as one of the planet’s least-developed nations that fell prey to coups and political fluctuation following its freedom from France in 1960.

The history and story of Niger are not entirely different from those of African countries. Early human settlement evidence from the Niger goes back 2 to 3.5 million years. It has garnered alert for the ancient dumped cities and prehistoric stone carvings discovered in the Aïr Mountains and the Ténéré desert. The culture of Niger goes to ancient times, and the exploitation of colonialism makes it the poorest country in the world, even though they have wealthy natural resources.

The art of Niger is not flourished yet, and fewer artists are in the mainstream layer of art.

Sunset of Niger by Abdul Boukar

Sunset, Abdul Boukar, 2014, From the collection of: Imago Mundi | Google Art and Culture

Abdul Boukar (b.1992) is a self-taught Niger Artist based in Niamey. He started to paint very early and slowly established himself in art. “No, I would not live anywhere else. I love Niger. It is always in my heart, and I look forward only to going home when I’m on tour. I want to use all my influence as an artist to give pride to the country and help its development”, Boukar said.

The trip on the Niger

Trip on the Niger by Adamou Atta Cisse | Google Art and culture

In this painting, Adamou Atta Cisse brings back the history of Niger in a minimal way. Artists tried to create music and art to resist violence and destruction and promote peace and tolerance.

Face to face of Fate

Face to face By Ali Kiba Tahab | Google art and culture

In this painting, Ali Kiba Tahab carried the face-to-face conversation with the identity of the country and himself. The troubled history of Niger and the people’s sufferings are two realities the artist brings into his work. The combination of colour and life makes Ali Kiba Tahab’s paintings a mixture of Niger life and landscape.

Alternation of Power in Black Africa

Alternation of Power in Black Africa by Boubacar Garba | Google Art and Culture

In this painting, artist Boubacar Garba brings the idea of ‘Alternation of Power in Black Africa’ in an abstract physique. Niger is affected by two major crises, the duality of its geography, its economy, and society. These two significant things have affected many people and their lives so far.

Niger remains an agricultural country, and most people living employed in farming. Water from the Niger River comes through the canal, giving a lively atmosphere for the people and their crops. Niger has many specialities in the world; one of the highest fertility rates and one of the lower education rates because the children work instead of studying.

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