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One Line, Another Line and so on: Does Dhaivat Panchal Give Meaning to the Lines, or do The Lines, in Their Inherent Nature?

Dhaivat Panchal, born in 1997, is an architect and co-founder of ‘Urban Sketchers Ahmedabad,’ defining his artistic identity through the profound exploration of lines. In his creative journey, Panchal meticulously draws one line after another, each stroke echoing a narrative derived from his senses and experiences. The process unfolds organically as the lines interweave, gradually shedding their individuality to birth a new existence.

Heritage of Ahmedabad-Adalaj
Heritage of Ahmedabad-Adalaj by Dhaivat Panchal| Courtesy: Abir Space

Panchal’s art mirrors the complexity of life itself, with lines that may initially appear absurd, yet, upon closer inspection, reveal a plethora of meanings. Much like life’s twists and turns, his creations challenge viewers to look deeper into the intricate details, where obscured individualities come to light.

As an architect, Panchal draws inspiration from the world around him, immersing himself in the varieties of people, lifestyles, cultures, and architecture. His fascination with these elements becomes evident in the meticulous details that permeate his sketches. Through his keen observations, he captures the essence of diverse landscapes, translating the pulse of each environment onto paper.

Dhaivat Panchal’s artistic odyssey prompts introspection on the relationship between the artist and the lines they create. An important question emerges from the interplay of thousands of lines – does he give meaning to the lines, or do the lines, in their inherent nature, provide him with meaning? This existential query encapsulates the essence of Panchal’s artistic philosophy, inviting viewers to ponder the dynamic interdependence between the artist and their creation.

Panchal’s commitment in making a community of artists is dedicated to capturing the essence of urban life. Through his art, he contributes to a collective narrative  inviting audiences to join him on a visual exploration of the intricacies that define our existence.

Feature Image: Heritage of Ahmedabad-Manek Chowk|Courtesy: Abir Space

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