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Palak Modi Explores the Intersection of Social Constructivism and Minimalism Through Black and White Art

Palak Modi is an artist whose work explores the relationship between social constructivism and minimalism. She primarily uses black and white to create paintings and sculptures. Modi aims to communicate complicated thoughts with elegant simplicity by exploring the delicate balance between simplicity and human societal constructions through the use of a modern abstract style. Modi emphasises the essence of her themes by using a monochromatic palette, slicing through unnecessary detail to examine the essence of life.

Glimmers of Hope
Glimmers of Hope by Palak Modi| Courtesy: Abir Space

Organic shapes feature prominently in Modi’s work, serving as conduits to connect viewers with nature’s elemental forces. The interplay of light, shadow, and texture within their pieces fosters introspection on humanity’s societal roles and its relationship with the environment. Each artwork serves as a catalyst for contemplation, urging viewers to question their perceptions of reality and the collective influences shaping it.

Where Skies Meet
Where Skies Meet by Palak Modi| Courtesy: Abir Space

The thematic focus on Transcendence within Modi’s acrylic on canvas collection reflects an exploration of overcoming challenges, embracing cosmic convergence, exploring into the unseen, and reflecting on the transient nature of urban landscapes. Through an orchestrated interplay of colours and strokes, each canvas unfolds as a chapter in a visual narrative, inviting viewers on a contemplative journey. Modi’s cohesive body of work challenges conventional art forms and invites viewers to investigate the intricacies and nuances present in each composition.

Beyond the Lights
Beyond the Lights by Palak Modi| Courtesy: Abir Space

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