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Palghar Artists Honored to Paint Warli Art on Rashtrapati Bhavan’s Museum Wall

Artists from Dahanu in the Palghar district have been given the esteemed opportunity to showcase their talent by painting the walls of the marble museum at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi with captivating Warli art. Through the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), disciples of the renowned Warli artist Padmashree Jivya Soma Mahse will be creating paintings that depict the culture, rituals, daily life, and the deep bond between tribal communities and nature.

A Tribute to Warli Art

IGNCA is in the process of establishing a marble museum at Rashtrapati Bhavan, and as part of the project, select walls will be adorned with Warli paintings. These artistic expressions will serve as a visual representation of the rich heritage and way of life of the tribal communities. The intention is to showcase their cultural practices, rituals, and the harmonious relationship they share with the natural environment.

The Chosen Artists

The prestigious task of painting the museum walls has been entrusted to Vijay, the grandson of the late Padmashree Jivya Soma Mahse, along with his disciples Rajesh Wangad and Shantaram Gorkhana, all of whom hail from Ganjad in Dahanu Taluka. The Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts has extended an invitation to these talented artists, who are expected to complete the artwork by the upcoming weekend.

A Source of Inspiration

This initiative has not only provided a platform for Palghar’s Warli painters but has also ignited their spirits. The opportunity to display their unique Warli art to the world is an immense honour for the tribal community, as it allows their sentiments and cultural heritage to be expressed through the internationally recognized work of renowned Warli painter Madhukar Wadu. Wangad expressed heartfelt gratitude to his Guru for the invaluable guidance that enabled them to undertake this prestigious endeavour.

Warli Art’s Global Reach

The Warli paintings created by the late Padmashree Jivya Soma Mahse have garnered widespread recognition and acclaim. His captivating artworks have been exhibited in prestigious art galleries and museums across India, as well as in international locations such as New York, Japan, England, Russia, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, and Dubai. The distinct and captivating nature of Warli art continues to captivate audiences around the world.


The opportunity for Palghar’s Warli artists to contribute their creative talents to the marble museum at Rashtrapati Bhavan is a significant recognition of their cultural heritage. By depicting the culture, rituals, and deep connection with nature, these Warli paintings will serve as a visual testament to the vibrant traditions of the tribal communities. The artistry and legacy of Padmashree Jivya Soma Mahse live on through his disciples, who are now leaving their mark on the walls of this esteemed museum, allowing Warli art to shine on a global stage.

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