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Untitled | Abirpothi

“Confusion becomes conclusion. The day is not far when I find that space where the chaos is understood and my heart feels at home.” —- Asim Paul

Asim Paul’s large canvases although painted in muted tones resound distinctly like a cry for freedom. The bold strokes and uneven surfaces resemble a stormy desert or a gushy rainforest, intense and chaotic. But the frenzy is further layered with thick circular markings that bind the surface into a rhythmic structure.

Untitled | Abirpothi

 “Images start splashing in my mind through various ways and means. It is a kind of inner feeling, a deep-rooted instinct that guides me home. Urban landscapes reflect in my paintings, too. I remember when I was very young I used to fabricate shoeboxes along with my elder sister in a nearby factory. I used to be quite amazed observing tiny little pieces of long cloth spread out in an organized manner to serve as an ingredient that makes shoeboxes. Today I relish those moments that are frozen in time like an image whenever I recall those artistic arrangements of shoebox making. My work is an emotional process”, says Asim Paul. In the title of the show ‘Perceptive Oscillations’, perceptive means showing sensitive insight, and oscillations define moving back and forth between his past and present in a regular rhythm. The title depicts the movement of his emotions and experience that he shows through his artworks.

People observing and discussing at the show | Abirpothi

While talking to him, I came to know that he tries to put his experience, emotions and observations into the art form. Talking about his abstract art, he says that he got the motive 10 years back and since then he has been working on his motive. Stories of his parents while living in Bangladesh are the inspiration behind his new drawing pieces that’s been showcased at the exhibition.

While observing the exhibits, the twenty-one ceramic pieces were attracting the audience as it was showing the impressions of the earth burning along with the laying of ‘bori’. All the pieces have different marking which describes the different emotions and experiences of the artist. His abstract works and landscapes were so appealing and mesmerizing that everyone present over there was trying to analyse the works. Works of an artist cannot be determined or analysed in the way artist has painted them but we can have our own perception of that piece. The abstract work of Asim was no different, he painted his emotions and observations on large canvases where one fails to determine his emotions but can have their own observation about his works.

Untitled, Ceramics | Abirpothi

‘Perceptive Oscillations’ is a solo exhibition by modern artist Asim Paul, curated by Jesal Thacker and exhibited by Gallery Art Exposure. The exhibition features a diverse collection of enormous muted canvases and beautiful ceramic sculptures developed over the last few years. The exhibition organized by Gallery Art Exposure and curated by Jesal Thacker is on view at Bikaner House till 25th September 2022.

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