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Pay Tribute to The Indian Iron Man by Making These Statue of Unity Drawings

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was an instrumental leader in unifying the Indian princely states to engender a new nation; a country we call India. Often called the ‘Iron Man’, his unwavering attempts at uniting the feudal lords under the umbrella of a united front deserve much praise and recognition. We weren’t surprised when the then Chief Minister, Narendra Modi announced a new Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel statue. However, we were left awestruck when Ram V Sutar’s sculptural marvel was unveiled. At a record height of 597 ft. (182 m), the Statue of Unity is the tallest in the world

Today we bring to you a few ideas which will help make the Statue of Unity drawing easy.

Ideas to Make Very Easy Drawing of Statue of Unity

The Sardar Patel Statue in Gujarat is a patriotic tribute to the first home minister of an independent India. Drawing Statue of Unity is a plausible task as long as you incorporate Sardar Vallabbhai’s stern expression, his traditional dhoti, and his shawl. Do not forget to include a pedestal and the soothing Narmada river beside the drawing.

Drawing of Statue of Unity Silhouette

You must try your hand at drawing a silhouette of the Statue of Unity. Simply make a cutout of the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel statue. Place it on a bright background and plaster charcoal powder on the cutout. The resultant contrast of the vibrant colours with the dark silhouette will undoubtedly be impressive. Alternatively, you may use any AI software such as Midjourney to draw a simple silhouette against a vivid background.

Courtesy – World of Art via YouTube
Courtesy – Pinterest

Watercolour Statue of Unity Drawings

Attempt a very easy drawing of Statue of Unity using watercolours. Use grey watercolour to detail the statue. Take extra note of the crinkles in the dhoti. Paint the sky with blue watercolours. Include clouds to form an eclectic background. Don’t forget to include the pedestal.

Courtesy – Pinterest

Statue of Unity Drawing with Color Pens

Gather your coloured pen sets to make a wonderful piece of art. Sketch out the drawing of Statue of Unity. Use a gray sketch pen for the statue. Use green for the surrounding landscape and fill out the sky with a blue sketch pen. Remember to outline the edges of all elements in the pictures.

Courtesy – Art For All via YouTube

Statue of Unity Pencil Drawing

Using either mechanical pencils or graphite pencils plan out the Statue of Unity drawing. These pencils will give you control over shading the statue. If you wish you may choose to shade the background to get a monochrome look. But we suggest you colour the background using appropriate coloured pencils.

Courtesy – Gujrati Kala via Facebook

Image Courtesy – Mint

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